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The movie Kill Bill is directed by Quentin Taratino and was released in 2003. Uma Thurman is the ‘bride’, a former member of the deadly viper assassination squad (DVAS). She vows to make a hit list of those who attempted to kill her on her wedding day. The movie Run Lola Run (RLR) is directed by Tom Tykwer and was released in 1998. Franka Potente plays Lola, who has to find 100marks in 20 minutes in order to save her boyfriends life, Manni. Both composers use colour to represent the main character, and make them stand out distinctively from the other characters.

In Kill Bill the bride’s yellow outfit, yellow car, and yellow motorbike all contrast the crazy 88’s (O-renshi’s gang) black attire. This is to show that she is different from the rest of them and that she is distinctive. This makes the viewer focus on her. In the same way, Lola’s appearance is one of the most striking aspects of the movie, RLR. Lola has bright red hair, blue singlet top and green pants which make the responder engage on her. Images that linger like the Crazy 88’s black attire include the bare streets, the bank, the phone booth and the supermarket.

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While colour is used affectively in the bulk of the film, there are some flash back sequences shot in black and white. In RLR, black and white is used to suggest that we are seeing something that has occurred in the past. E. g. when Lola is trying to explain why she didn’t pick Manni up because her moped was stolen. “It happened so fast. ” However, in Kill Bill, black and white is used to reduce graphic representation of large amounts of blood, during the bride’s fight with the Crazy 88’s at the restaurant.

This is done so you don’t get side-tracked from the real reason she is killing the crazy 88’s. Time can be an obstacle to be overcome ‘Run Lola Run’ in the opening scenes uses cartoon to show that time is a long road and that only with a lot of will can it be beaten. The visual techniques of this are that as Lola is running time is still ticking but as she comes close to a clock she is able to break through it, to overcome the obstacles in her path.

Close-ups help to develop the character and the plot of the movie Kill Bill and demonstrate emotional reactions that the main characters may be feeling. E. g. the bride feels revenge and anger towards the DVAS. In the opening scene they use a close-up shot of the bride’s face, we can see despair, fright and sadness on her face very clearly. You can see in her eyes that if she survives this she will get her revenge. By comparison, in RLR a close-up shot is used to show the frustration and desperation of Lola when she is trying to find the money.

It also shows the uncertainty of who she could rely on to help her find the money. Passion and murder are central themes throughout Kill Bill and drive most of the characters, if not all of them. It is Bill’s (leader of DVAS) passion that leads him to arranging the murders of everyone at the wedding, and the shooting of the bride. It is the bride’s passion for revenge that leads her to killing all the members of the DVAS and then Bill, himself. However, in RLR, red is used a lot, which is symbolic for a number of things.

Red represents danger, emergency, Lola’s love for Manni, Lola’s determination and passion to save her boyfriend Manni. E. g. the scene with Manni and Lola lying in bed together is shot in the film technique red filter. Passion is highlighted in the ‘red filter’ scene, in bed together. “Do you love me? ” Therefore, one of the distinctively visual, that being passion is created through the use of the film technique red filter. These certain techniques in the film help convey the key terms.