There are also a lot of applications which make informational system of the companies, which collect and help to control all business processes in the organization from the ccounting and invoices to prospect financial results, volume of sales and supplying. Having such application in our mobile devices help managers making better decisions and to have more relevant information about our sales or service if such applications are used by workers in mass industries (supermarkets, restaurant nets, entertainment) 2.

The first and the main problem which such application could solve it is have exact and not rounded data if company has enormous turnover of goods or services. For example if any sales in supermarket will be immediately uploaded in the informational environment of the company managers will ave information what goods are sold, how often, from which supplier, may be we could see some connection for sales of special product and the day of the week and so on. result companies will know their customers better. Also such applications helps to optimize interactions with suppliers, companies could have the informational channels between each others, which make them work faster and more efficient. If we talk about production, such application help to control machinery 24 hour per day 7 days per week. Continuous manufacturing is a type of production in which machineries work ll the time and if they stop they will be destroyed.

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In this case employee who is response for machineries should have all information all the time and control the work of the system, such applications helps to do it any time it any place and alarm if something goes wrong. Also such applications help to make optimal schedules of repairing of machineries. 3. On my opinion any business will have benefit of equipping employees mobile devices if employees know how to use them for a work and do it and if they make a feedbacks about applications which company use.

There will be o sense if employees do not work on the devices and also if software and informational system of organization have mistakes or defects. Who really need such devices is mass market because they have a lot of employees who are far away from each other and for their coordination, improving services and developing of the organization the organization need to develop strong informational system in it and in its environment with main customers and suppliers. 4.

Every organization should have a harmony in its system, but in the modern world we also should have strong and optimal relationship with our suppliers nd customers. Companies fighting and competing for customers trying to offer services and goods in the more comfortable way for a customer. Modern software and digital devices help businesses to do it. Also business can use such devises to improve the interaction processes in the company. For example, it is much more easer to send a shot message to the accounting department that you need invoice for particular contract than calling.

And it will be also easer and faster if in the office of your customer through your iPhone you “order” the invoice from the software and maybe even receive it fter particular time (or it will automatically send to the customer) USP 1. Inputs – detail information about sender (even logo), the destination, deadline of delivery Processing – every delivery has a personal barcode system analise whole information and choose the optimal route of delivery, the optimal combination of deliveries and shows where is delivery in the internet to the customer.

Out puts – customer could see where they goods are, company can control the work in 220 countries in the world, route optimization save time reduce fuel cost of the company 2. Bar coded labels, software for improving logistic, Delivery Informational Acquisiti on Devise, this technologies help to optimize business and delivery processes in the company and to constantly improve quality of the services and their cost structure.