Everyone in this world dreams to go somewhere else.

I think we all have a favorite place in our mind. I also have a dream to visit my favorite country, Australia especially in Perth city. Perth is one of the most isolated capital cities in the world and is noted for its Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm, sunny summers. The view of Perth is amazing such as Kings Park. It covers an area of 404 hectares which two thirds of the park is natural bushland with 291 species of plants.The remaining third is made up of wonderful cultivated wildflower plants and general recreational areas.

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Besides that, Perth has the very modern towering structure called “The Swan Bells”. It has a group (ring) of eighteen bells that are several hundred years old and are one of the few sets of ‘Royal Bells”. One thing Perth is blessed with the famous animal “Kangaroo” which can be seen fairly easily in many locations in the hills if you know where to go. They are best seen in the wild in the early morning or late afternoon.Moreover, Perth has a Maritime Museum, which the roof structures emulate the upturned hulls of early sailing boats. This magnificent building was opened in 2002. In addition, Fremantle harbour is also famous in this city, which a busy place that sees millions of tons of cargo entering its port as well as a countless variety of vessels from old sailing ships to huge cargo liners and even war ships. The most relaxing place to visit in Perth is Rottenest Island, which has 63 beaches and 20 bays.

There are countless restaurants, coffee houses and hotels from which to choose.Typical Perth food is really delicious and some how exotic. This island is a very peaceful and comforting place. The weather is amazing to look at anytime of day.

The reason I like this island is the landscaping. The beaches have the softest sand and have the best view. We can lay down on the sand and be able to see haystack rock. There are very few people on the beach at night, so we can take a nap on the beach and not be disturbed at all which makes for perfect relaxation. For me, Perth is one of the most beautiful places on this earth.