Salih HashimMs. Bauer Quest African/American LitJanuary 17, 2018Their Eyes Were Watching GodIn Their Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Neale Hurston, Janie is looking for true love, but that is sacrificed  for the protection Nanny thinks she needs with Logan, She experiences what she thought was true love, but where she discovers what it is to be possession, and with Tea Cake, Janie finally finds a true love that is based on equality.At the beginning of the novel, Janie search for a true love that she always dreamed of in her lifetime, but that love is sacrificed for the protection Nanny thinks Logan is a decent man who can look after her and can keep her happy. Nanny truly believes that Janie should marry a man who can protect her, instead of love marriage because she thought a man who has power and money can be able to keep her safe. So she forced Janie to marry Logan, Although Janie believes that a marriage without love doesn’t mean nothing to her.

“Well, if he do all dat whut you come in heah wid uh face long as mah arm for?”Cause you told me Ah wuz gointer love him, and, and Ah don’t. Maybe if somebody was to tell me how, Ah could do it.””You come head wid yo’ mouf full uh foolishness on uh busy day. Heah you got uh prop tuh lean on all yo’ bawn days, and big protection, and everybody got tuh tip dey hat tuh you and call you Mis’ Killicks, and you come worryin’ me ’bout love” (15). Janie is still consider the idea of love is extremely important to marriage because she still believes that she doesn’t love Logan even after marriage and she was forced by Nanny to this marriage for her protections. All Nanny wants for her to have good life by marrying Logan who can able to support her with financial. However, Nanny didn’t care about their age difference nor his appearances.

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As long as he is wealthy and can provide for the family. Although Janie complains so much about this marriage with Logan, Nanny wants her to have a simply happy life and status as a respectably married  women, love is irrelevant. “So Janie waited a bloom time, and a green time and an orange time. But when the pollen again gilded the sun and sifted down on the world she began to stand around the gate and expect things. What things? She didn’t know exactly. Her breath was gusty and short. She knew things that nobody had ever told her.

For instance, the words of the trees and the wind. She often spoke to falling seeds and said, “Ah hope you fall on soft ground,” because she had heard seeds saying that to each other as they passed. She knew the world was a stallion rolling in the blue pasture of ether.

She knew that God tore down the old world every evening and built a new one by sun-up. It was wonderful to see it take form with the sun and emerge from the gray dust of its making” (25). Certainly, Janie believes that the marriage to Logan doesn’t fit with the love she wants in her life because Love is something that must come naturally without force or thought and Janie sees that she has no such feeling towards Logan. Because of this conflict Janie thought she could return to the same nature that made her beautiful pear tree. She is still extremely interested with birth and creation, as illustrated by her metaphor of the world stallion and her concept of God tearing down the old world and rebuilding the next day.

She desires and comes to expect these things as a woman who is capable of reproducing, but frustrated by her loveless marriage. This two quotes related to the topic because it demonstrates that the reason Nanny forced Janie to marry Logan for the protection and to live happy simple life. Nanny always wants the best for Janie which she doesn’t want her to end up like her mother and she believes Janie could be treated as respected women. Even though Janie believes marriage without love is nothing to her and it doesn’t satisfy her.Despite the fact that Janie wasn’t happy with her first marriage she decide to leave Logan for Jody which she experiences what she thought was a true love, but she discovers where she was being possessed. When she left Logan she thought her life would completely be different with her next partner, but instead she was being treated like a property and didn’t have that much freedom. “She Janie had never thought of making a speech, and didn’t know if she cared to make one at all. It must have been the way Joe spoke out without giving her a chance to say anything one way or another that took the bloom off of things.

But anyway, she went down the road behind him that night feeling cold. He strode along invested with his new dignity, thought and planned out loud, unconscious of her thoughts” (43). When Janie left Logan for her second marriage to Joe Starks she thought he can do anything to keep her happy, but as life keeps going she started having some kind of problems with Joe. The first sign of trouble she had in her second marriage is that when she was invited in public to speak and Joe Starks completely cuts her off and he didn’t give her chance to say anything. Joe didn’t give her the chance to reply. Though, Janie doesn’t really want to speak, this concerns her about this marriage and this quick silence of Janie takes romances which represented by Janie’s pear blossoms out of the moment.

This leaves her feeling empty inside and cold when she should be flushed with the warmth love of Joe. “Janie could see Jody watching her out of the corner of his eye while he joked roughly with Mrs. Robbins. He wanted to be friendly with her again. His big, big laugh was as much for her as for the baiting.

He was longing for peace but on his own terms” (58).  After their arguments, Jody tries to make up for things that they have problem with, but is too proud to say it outright. Instead he hints at it with sidelong glance and his big irresistible laugh. He wants a love, but he’s being arrogant to demonstrates that which cause a big problem in their life. Finally, she finds a man who really loves her that is based on equality because out of the three man she met Tea Cake is different from them. He gives her freedom and keeps her happy which makes her open up to him to love someone once more. Tea Cake leads Janie to discover things about herself she never knew in the previous life with Nanny, Logan and Joe Starks.

He thought her many things such as playing checkers, how to handle and shoot a gun. He is able to give her the dream of love that Joe never understood about. “He (Tea Cake) set it (the checkers) up and began to show her and she found herself glowing inside. Somebody wanted her to play.

Somebody thought it natural for her to play. That was even nice. She looked him over and got little thrills from one of his good points. Those full, lazy eyes with the lashes curling sharply away like drawn scimitars. Then lean, over-padded shoulders and narrow waist. Even nice!”(98). Eventually, she believes that she found the perfect match because Tea Cake treats her like an equal and intelligent person, Janie finds herself more attracted to him more than any other two man she met.

His classy treatments makes her open the door for love to be in relationship once again. Tea Cake’s behavior sets him apart from the other self absorbed men and give Janie the chance to experience the kind love she always dreamed of all her life. “Whut would Ah do wid dat lil chunk of a woman wid you around? She ain’t good for nothin’ exceptin’ tuh set up in uh corner by de kitchen stove and break wood over her head. You’se something tuh make uh man forgit tuh git old and forgit tuh die”(143).

Tea Cake praises Janie for her beauty, how he will he take care of her and he always tries to demonstrate the love he always have for her. Her love makes Tea Cake the most charmed person because Janie also loves him and she cares for him so much. When she meets Tea Cake, Janie has already begun to develop a strong, proud sense of self, but Tea Cake accelerates this spiritual growth. Ever since her moment under the pear tree, Janie has known that she will find what she is searching for only through love.

In Tea Cake she finds a creative and a good personality who enjoys probing the world around him and respects Janie’s need to develop from what she have been through.Conclusion Throughout the novel Janie search for true love that she always dream to have in her lifetime, but that love is sacrificed for the protection Nanny thinks she needs with Logan. Janie experiences what she thought was true love, but she discovers she was treated like an object with Jody. With Tea Cake, she finally finds what she was looking for this all time and his classy treatments makes her open the door for love once again.