The proponents will be using several marketing tools and strategies in promoting Paws and Purrs Grandma such as, spreading business cards, providing brochures, giving out flyers and developing a web site. Word of mouth will be of great use. The proponents will cater free pet sitting services with the people they know and ask them to spread the news. Along with these spreading out of business cards to the target market will enable them to be informed about the company name, the address of the pet sitting shop and the services that it will be catering for them and their pets.The proponents will also seek help for veterinarians in the vicinity that they are available for pet sitting and ask them to recommend Paws and Purrs Grandma to their clients and leave them with brochures and flyers.

Giving out flyers and brochures around the vicinity of the area will aid them of the services the pet sitting business will provide. The flyers will be a one- page ad containing the basics of the business while the brochures will contain the detailed services that they can avail at the proponents’ pet sitting shop.Developing a website thru the use of internet service providers who offer free or low cost website hosting will be a good advertisement because people nowadays are using the internet to get information with regards to the things they need. The proponents will include the detailed information about the services the business provide; tips on pet care; a directory of local veterinarians, and pet shops; and any other information might be useful to pet owners.

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