Samuel morse was a famous inventor that invented the telegraph.

 He also invented the Morse Code. he was a pretty cool guy.     Samuel Morse was famous in the 1,800.

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 His full name is Samuel Finley Breese Morse.  He was born in charlestown, Massachusetts in 1791 & died in New York City,  New York in 1871.  He died from pneumonia at the age of 80.  His nickname was lightning man because he worked with electricity.  He had a successful life as a scientist.      Morse got engaged to lucretia pickering Walker.  They had their first daughter Susan Walker Morse in 1819.

 Decades between 1825 & 1835, grief transformed to opportunityFor Morse.  After giving birth to their third child Lucretia died from a heart attack.  The next year his father Jedediah died and three years after that his mother died. Deep in grief, in 1829 Morse traveled to Europe to recover.  On his voyage home, in 1832, he met the inventor Charles Thomas Jackson.       In 1837 Morse offered a solution (the Electro Magnetic Telegraph) &(the Morse Code).  He returned to America in 1815, to become an award winning artist.  He painted portraits of Marquis De, Lafayette, & George Washington.

 He also painted the House of Representatives in 1822.  He got out of boarding school at the age of 8.  He left Yale College in 1810. In 1810 He Attended the Prestigious Royal Academy in London, were he studied painting & sculpture.  He was excelled in physics, especially in lessons involving electricity.            Morse invented the telegraph.  He also created the Morse code.  He died 25 days away from his 80 B-day.

 He was two years younger than his classmates at the Yale University.  He was 14 years old at the Yale University.  Morse was really smart.                        Morse was a great inventor.  He helped us with our work today.  Morse was really fun to learn about.