Santol fruit is round with juicy and every bit large as a large apple in sized. Inside the santol fruit there is a white juicy tissue about 3 to 5 brown seeds. The seeds are up to 2 centimeters long in size.


Introduction – The Santol fruit tissue is largely sub-acid or rancid in nature. When the fruit is green. this tissue is even more rancid. The Filipinos like it even in rancid status and by and large eaten with some salt. In the local markets of the Philippines the santol is ever for sale in normal measure. Santols are besides used to do marmalade.

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Taste- The external mush of the santol fruit can be terribly uneatable and rough when the fruit is in an green but miraculously transforms itself into a sweet gustatory sensation and tasty ripe specimen. Average fruits are bigger than a softball form and the flesh and seeds were improbably sweet/tart and gravely wont forming. The vernal fruits are candied. The ripen fruits have a vinaceous gustatory sensation.

Scientific Name: Sandoricum koetjape

Uses of Santol fruit
Decoction or mixture of Santol foliages are used for baths to cut down febrility. Besides. it is used for diarrhoea and as a quinine water after childbearing. Woof cataplasm is used for tinea.
Sour roots. bruised with acetum and H2O. are a carminative is used for diarrhoea and dysentery. The fruit roots are used as quinine water.
Santol creates a delightful preserve.
The wood of the tree is utile for building. being plentiful and normally easy to work and smooth. Infusions from santol seeds have insecticidal belongingss

Medicative Uses of Santol
Several parts of the santol works have anti-inflammatory belongingss. They are used for the intervention of diarrhoea and dysentery. These are besides used acetum and mixture of H2O as a carminative. It is besides used for tanning angling cyberspaces. The aromatic. acerb root is besides a powerful redress for diarrhoea. The root is a tonic for gastric and antispasmodic.

Santol Nutrition facts
Fruit comparing tabular arraies. Overview of vitamin and mineral content including nutrition charts of the Santol fruits. Alimentary value per 100 g of Santol
Alimentary value

85. 4 g

0. 06 g


0. 52 g

1. 26 g

0. 39 g

5. 38 milligram

12. 57 milligram

0. 86 milligram

Provitamin a

Vitamin b1


Ascorbic Acid

14. 89 milligram