Saudi Arabia is the world’s greatest oil exporter and spends more than 4 percent of its aggregate GDP consistently on gifts and compassionate guide that contacts individuals in more than 110 countries around the globe. Along these lines, it is difficult to envision that destitution exists in the greatest oil sending out nation on the planet.

Be that as it may, among the unrestrained shopping centers and extravagance SUVs lies a fierce reality-one bound with dejection, asking and joblessness. Albeit Saudi Arabia’s economy is a standout amongst the most capable on the planet, welfare programs have not stayed aware of the blasting populace that is presently assessed to be more than 33 million individuals. With negligible uncovered information on the poor subjects, it is difficult to know the quantity of Saudis live beneath the neediness line. Be that as it may, private assessments propose neediness in Riyadh influences around 2-4 million individuals. Specialists consider living on 530 dollars consistently, or 17 dollars for every day, to be the destitution line in Saudi Arabia. Joblessness among 15-24-year old plays a tremendous factor in the developing poor populace.

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As per the CIA World Factbook, around 28.3 percent of the adolescent are jobless. The level of jobless females is right around 35 percent higher than jobless guys, exhibiting that sexual orientation lopsided characteristics and power battles are especially present in Saudi Arabia. In an Islamic culture where men should be the providers and accommodate the family, ladies have a troublesome time entering the workforce once the male figure is no more. In many occurrences, widowed ladies or ladies who have incapacitated mates can’t discover occupations because of societal partialities and sexual orientation segregation. What’s more, homemakers who rapidly need to figure out how to encourage their family regularly can’t because of the absence of training and aptitudes. The nation has approximately 16 million Saudis making up the majority of the workforce, with the remaining being outside specialists.

As the youthful populace battles to look for some kind of employment, the destitution rate keeps on expanding. Government insights show that just about 66% of the populace is under thirty, and seventy-five percent of every jobless Saudi are in their twenties. King Abdullah has attempted a few endeavors in doing combating destitution related issues, yet no enduring effects have been made.

In 2011, the Saudi government vowed to address the issues of neediness and gave out a 37-billion-dollar gift in an evident offer to bring the nation’s poor recovered. The cash assisted with joblessness benefits, raising wages and giving reasonable houses, however, the general population of Saudi Arabia require more than free cash. They require long-term solutions.