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Scaelet Letter Essay, Research PaperIn the novel The Scarlet missive by Nathaniel Hawthorne the society of a Puritan town exclude anyone who is in any manner pervert and considers that individual as being iniquitous. In order to suit in the people are willing to hide and incorporate their passion and all their mistakes because of their fright of being excluded. In Hawthorne s book he shows how concealed guilt can do more agony than unfastened guilt. He demonstrates this through Hester Pyrnne and Arthur Dimmesdale. Both characters portion the same guilt, but are punished in different ways.

Hester s penalty is to have on the missive Angstrom on her bosom which is a symbol for criminal conversation. Dimmesdale s penalty is to cover with his guilt in private. Although, Hester s penalty seem worse than Dimmesdale, it s non. Hester experiences unfastened guilt though public punished for her wickedness. She s forced to stand on the scaffold for hours to be ridiculed and ostracized by the community. Then she is expelled from the town as an fornicatress, and goes to populate with her bastard girl to a bungalow non in close locality to any other habitation. ( pg. 68 ) However, by being separated from the Puritan town of Salem and all its biass, Hester is able to look at the people objectively and see much she was non able to see before.

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walking to and fro, with those alone footfalls, in the small universe with which she was externally connected, it now and so appeared to Hester that [ the vermilion missive ] gave her a sympathetic cognition of the concealed wickedness in others Black Marias. ( pg.73 ) The Puritans of the town are so busy covering up their mistakes and concealing their feelings, that they can non see their ain or each others faults.

Hester, who wears her sinly grade openly, does non hold to worry about others sentiments, and additions an intuition, an penetration into the Black Marias of others. Because Hester s guilt is exposed for everyone to see she becomes stronger, more abiding, and even more sympathetic. She becomes stronger because of all the weight she has to transport. Hester s grade of shame becomes a grade of being different, a grade of nonconformity.

After a period of clip, many people interpret Hester s A as able ( 141 ) , for Hester s natural energy. She shows her accomplishments through good workss, and takes pride in her clip of shame. In the beginning when Hester is led back to thee prison from theplatform on the pillory, It was whispered that the vermilion missive threw a lurid glow along the dark passage-way of the inside. ( 58 ) Hester s grade becomes the guiding visible radiation throughout her whole which help her get stronger. Her unfastened guilt made her a much stronger individual unlike Dimmesdale ; his guilt Ate him up until there was nil left.Dimmesdale refuses to acknowledge that he committed criminal conversation and thereby finally suffers concealed guilt. He instantaneous response to the wickedness is to lie. He is considered a really of import adult male in the community and doesn T, or is to afraid to destroy his repute.

Even though he ne’er really says that he is non the male parent, but he implies it by speaking of the male parent as the 3rd individual. Such as, if thou feelest it to be for the souls peace, and that thy earthly penalty will thereby be made more effective to redemption, I charge thee to talk out the name of thy fellow-sinner and fellow-suffer. After a piece Dimmesdale becomes weaker by allowing guilt and heartache eat off at his scruples, cut downing him to a hapless animal. Dimmesdale punishes himself by believing that he can ne’er be redeemed. He feels that he can non be acceptable in the eyes of God, and that no sum of penalty can of all time return him to God s good graces.

When Hester says that his good workss will number for something in Gods position, he exclaims, There is no substance in it! It is cold and dead and can make nil for me! ( pg. 202 ) an inability to squeal causes Dimmesdale great anguish and self hatred. At one point in the book he lashes himself with a whip, and at the terminal of the book it is revealed that he carves a missive A into his thorax. The largest cause of Dimmesdale s agony is the fact that he keeps his wickedness hidden, in secret. Which, finally do his decease.

Both, Hester and Dimmesdale are captives of their guilt, but the lone difference is that one of them interruptions free and redeems her ego. Alternatively of The missive A being a penalty it was more like a instructor and rescuer, to Hester Prynne she learned from her errors and besides learned to populate with her wickedness. Unlike Hester, Dimmesdale is a captive of his guilt alternatively of larning from his errors he keeps them a secret, which finally do his down autumn.

Both characters demonstrate how a concealed guilt cause more agony than an unfastened guilt.