Scarlet Letter 14 Essay, Research PaperThe first description that the reader gets of Hester Prynne is that she is a adult female of strength and beauty that was uncommon of the clip.

However, this apparently perfect adult female has one awful defect, the vermilion missive. This trade name of wickedness easy takes its toll on the muliebrity of Hester Prynne, transforming her from a adult female of elegance to a adult female stained with wickedness.As Hester Prynne steps out of the prison driving the assisting of manus of the beadle, the reader is immediately shocked by the natural self-respect that this deviant adult female possesses.

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Prynne is described as holding perfect elegance, beautiful profusion of skin color feminine breeding and indefinable grace. It is clear that she is anything but the typical Bostonian adult female. This description is in utmost contrast to that of the description of the other pitiless and self-established Judgess.

At this clip in her life Prynne embodies feminism, from the smallest strand of her calendered hair to the elegance of her needlecraft. Unfortunately, Prynne would non be able to maintain her feminine qualities in tact for long.Halfway through the novel the toll of being the castaway of society for such a long clip clearly starts to take consequence on Prynne. Some property had departed from her, the permanency of which had been indispensable to maintain her a adult female. This transmutation has taken topographic point because of the inhumane intervention Prynne had been capable to.

She feels utmost shame of her trade name, awful torment in experiencing a human oculus upon the item, and worst of all shame. There is nil worse in life than sing shame for drawn-out periods of clip, non even decease. The changeless barrage upon Prynne s psyche has cause her being to change to a province of & # 8220 ; marble coldness & # 8221 ; . The lone heat Prynne had left in her life was Pearl and her needlecraft.

However, since Prynne saw her needlecraft as a pleasance and because she had dedicated her life to repentance, she was unable to take comfort in this little undertaking. Sadly, because of her intertwined destiny with the vermilion missive, her coldness will take over her personality for the remainder of the novel except for one gleam of visible radiation in which her romantic beauty will reflect one last clip.Many novelists frequently use the wood as a topographic point of freedom, felicity, and light. In the romantic epoch the wood is besides forgiving, peaceful, natural, and it besides represents everything sanctum in her universe. The wood is precisely what Pyrnne needs to get by with the emphasis of mundane Puritan life. This is why the reader sees the alteration in Hester Prynne s personality from coldness to Her sex, her young person, and the whole profusion of her beauty coming back from what work forces call Thursdayvitamin E irrevokable yesteryear, when she enters the wood.

It is besides of import to understand the transmutation Prynne went through could merely hold taken topographic point in the wood. This metabolism occurs merely after the vermilion missive is removed from her thorax. When she violently flings the ruby A towards the river the load of shame and anguish departed and the intolerable weight was lifted off her spirit.

Therefore, the vermilion missive had non merely caused shame, but besides the repression of her adult female goon.A dateless symbol of feminism is a adult female s hair. This motive was foremost introduced when Prynne came out of the prison door. When Hawthorne introduces Prynne s muliebrity, it is no error that Hawthorne does non neglect to advert her hair that threw off sunlight with a glow. However, after the A has become one with Hester, she hides her brilliant hair under a grey chapeau. Gray is a symbol of everything bad and Puritan in the novel.

This is why it is of import to see the alteration that occurs in the forest scene, where colour and sunlight is abundant, when Prynne takes of her chapeau and lets her calendered hair transform her dorsum to her original beauty. Unfortunately, this freedom that the forest gives Prynne does non last long. Equally shortly as she puts back on the vermilion missive and she is turned back into a adult female filled with marble coldness.The last description Hawthorne gives about Prynne s feminism is after seven old ages of have oning the trade name. Even though the Bostonians have stopped looking upon her with arrant disgust, her muliebrity has wholly vanished.

She is now characterized as a adult female stained with wickedness, bowed down with shame, or even burdened with a life-long sorrow. The concluding chapters talk nil of her muliebrity because there is none to speak about. The transmutation from what used to be a arresting adult female, in a distant yesteryear, to an empty shell is now complete.

There is nil left of Hester Prynne except a susurration of what she used to be.Over the class of seven long old ages laced with shame and shame, the vermilion missive decidedly served at least one intent, the devastation of Hester Prynne s muliebrity. Even though the vermilion missive was non the lone ground why Hester lost her feminism, ( there were other lending factors such as non uncovering two agonising secrets that were decelerating deteriorating her psyche and aching the lone people she cherished, childbearing and the work that is involved with raising a kid, particularly Pearl were present ) it was the major lending factor. Notwithstanding the eventual result of Hester s muliebrity, her strength of head and organic structure did protract the inevitable, merely non long plenty to get away the changeless torture of shame with her loved 1s.