First I’d like to state a really large Good-luck to my chap nominees up here- You’re likely traveling to necessitate it… For those of you who don’t cognize me. I am Brittany Jordan… And those that do. well I guess you’re the lucky 1s.

Today I stand before you because I am running for school captain 2k15. I would wish to present myself by stating you all a small spot about me. I late returned from Canada where I lived with aliens for three months and ate nil but maple sirup. I am accessible. responsible. lovingness and open to new thoughts. I’m in love with traveling and. believe it or non.

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although I am ginger. yes. I do in fact have a psyche.To me. the occupation of a school captain is non merely about a badge or holding the power to show assemblies or be the beautiful face of a beautiful school. but alternatively. it’s an chance to expose your pride in your school particularly of your instructors and fellow pupils.

This occupation demands clip. attempt. enthusiasm and most of all the ability to take. I believe I possess all these qualities and if non I am more than willing to larn them in the procedure.

I promise to give myself to functioning the school and particularly you. my fellow pupils. So please ballot for me and demo your trust in me and I promise I won’t allow you down. Thank you and retrieve ballot # 1 Brittany.