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Hammock brought a fascination nationwide. The ‘Ken and Barbie’ murders were one of Canada’s biggest serial cases ever, bring media coverage from around the world, and having the public line up outside the courtroom for a chance to sit in and observe. How could the golden couple next door execute such unspeakable acts? The unbelievable crimes left the city of SST. Catharine wondering how this sinister act could happen in their own back yards. To this day, the case of the school girl killer is still talked about, thus making Paul Bernard one of Canada’s most notorious serial killers to this day.

Paul Bernard was the youngest child of the three Bernard children, born to Kenneth and Marilyn on Augusts 27th, 1964. Marilyn Bernard was adopted into a successful Toronto family and enjoyed a happy upbringing. Kenneth Bernard was born to a Portuguese immigrant, Frank, who started his own business. Kenneth may have not had the happiest up bring as his father physically abused Kenneth, his siblings, and his mother. Kenneth decided not to follow in his father’s footsteps, and went to school to become an accountant; however Kenneth did follow his father’s footsteps in the aspect of abusing his family.

As the Bernard family settled in to a middle class neighborhood in Scarborough, Ontario, they started their family. After their eldest children were born, Kenneth started to physically abuse his wife because she had gained weight. During the time after her second child was born and the abuse started, Marilyn sought after comfort, and started to have an affair with a previous ex-boyfriend. Paul was the illegitimate child of Kenneth Bernard. A few years later Kenneth was charged in court for sexual assault on a nine year old girl. Kenneth also started to sexually abuse his own daughter.

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When Paul Bernard was ten he was well liked around the neighborhood. According to Prone (1995), Paul was the friendliest of the three Bernard children, was always happy, and smiled a lot. Around that time and up until he was well into his teenage years, Paul had been caught on multiple occasions peering into girls bedroom windows while they changed, with his hands on his crotch. Paul had become a Peeping Tom. When Paul was sixteen he finally discovered his father, Kenneth Bernard, was in fact not his father. As the physical and verbal abuse continued between his mother and father, one day his mother told him the truth.

After that she would yell it out to him whenever she was angry. According to Prone (1995), his mother would often call him the “bastard child from hell”, and Bernard grew to hate his mother and father. As Bernard got into his teens his Peeping Tom habit Just wasn’t cutting it for him. He began to explore into pornography. According to Prone (1995), Pall’s sexual tastes were quite pronounced. Paul began to collect pictures of young girls in underwear ads. But soon Regular pornography and picture Just wasn’t doing it for him. Paul began to watch more specific pornography, such as rape and bondage pornography.

According to Prone (1995), Bernardino other desires included, saprophytic, and rapidly. At nineteen Paul soon started to explore his sexual fantasies with his School Girl Killer By imperialistically inexperienced so assumed what she and Paul were doing was normal. After many more strange encounters the young girl broke it off with Paul, and that’s where the Bernard the public knows began to come out. In the evening of May 4th, 1987, a young twenty-one year old women walking home was raped in front of her family home. Ten days later another rape takes place.

In the evening of May 14th, a nineteen year old woman, raped in her parents’ backyard where presumable she was thought to be safe, this attack lasted over an hour. With two rapes in a little over a week, the city of Scarborough is on high alert. Two other known attacks are attempted between July and September, they had no suspects as the attacker would always come in from behind, limiting the chance of the victim seeing his face. The Media dubbed this man “The Scarborough Rapist”. Paul Bernard had become “The Scarborough Rapist”.

Seventeen year old Karl Hammock was sitting in the restaurant of the Howard Johnson hotel; she was in Scarborough for a veterinary convention. Karl was sitting with a friend when a young handsome blond approached her. At the time little did Karl know that she was face to face with the Scarborough rapist. The two quickly became close, both attracted to each other, they later found themselves in Karma’s hotel room (Prone, 1995, p. 61). On October 17th, 1987, a deadly relationship started. During the month of December in 1987, more attacks by the Scarborough rapist occur.

On the evening of December 16th, a fifteen year old girl was raped, a week eater, on December 23rd; a seventeen year old girl was raped. At this point the victim was able to see Bernardino face. She gave her description to the police, where they were able to compose a composite photo of the suspect; the police did not release the photo at this time. But when the picture was later reviewed the resemblance of the photo and Bernard was almost exact. At this time they were also able to collect samples from the victims, which matched each other, confirming to the investigators that it was in fact one attacker.

Investigators then began to compose lists of possible suspects. Bernard and Hammock ‘s relationship was still burning. Bernard Worked in Scarborough, while Hammock was still in school and working in SST. Catharine. Paul would spend is weekends driving to SST. Catharine to be with Karl. Karl loved the attention she was getting having an older, handsome boyfriend that would lavish her with gifts, she was the new of her classmates. Their sexual relationship was turning more and more into Paul ‘s sexual fantasies, with Karl doing his every command.

Yet there was one thing that Paul would never get from Karl, her virginity, and he would never let her forget it. That’s where Paul began to get the idea of him sleeping with Karl ‘s younger sister, Timmy, but Paul needed Karl ‘s help to do this and Karl was not on board with this idea, not yet at least. In the beginning of 1988, Bernard and Hammock ‘s relationship began to get more intense. Paul was getting more physical during their sexual encounters, and getting more perverse during sex, by taking photographs and videos.

The Scarborough rapist was still as active as ever. According to Prone (1995), the Scarborough rapists ‘ fifth known attack happened the evening of April 18th, 1988, too 17 year old girl. May 25th Bernard was hiding under a tree near a bus stop waiting for a victim, this time almost getting caught by an investigator that was on the case, but Bernard got way. Five days later, May 30th, an and was attacked. From June 1988 to December 1989 seven known attacks occurred, and there were still no leads. On December 23rd, 1989 Paul Bernard purposed to Karl.

Paul was still fascinating over Karl ‘s younger sister Timmy, it would take a year, but finally Karl would agree to gifting Paul a virgin, her sister. Hammock and Bernard often role played bedroom, Karl acting as if she were Timmy, and at times earning Tommy’s clothing, this only fueled Bernardino desire more and he began to pressure Karl more into the idea. During the summer of 1990, a composite sketch was released of the Scarborough rapist. Many people close to Bernard saw a resemblance, and began to worry. Some friends even reported to the police that this sketch looked like their friend Paul.

With so many calls the police could not ignore Bernard any longer and brought him in for questioning. Bernard was called in to the Metro police station on November 1990, for what the police had called a routine check that would only take a few minutes. While being interviewed Bernard acted calm, answering all of the questions he was asked. When police asked Bernard why he thought he was there he answered, “Because I look like the composite,” (Prone, 1995, p. 122). He also told police that all his friends Joked around with him saying it was him.

At the end of the interview the police asked Bernard if he would allow them to take a DNA sample, to be tested and to possible clear his name, if the results were negative, Bernard complied with the request. As the year began to come to a close Karl had agreed, and a plan was set for Bernard to rape, the youngest Hammock Sister. Karl was to take drugs from the animal clinic where she worked to drug her sister Timmy, once Timmy was unconscious, Bernard was to rape her. With Karl working at a veterinarian the SST. Catharine, she had access to many of the drugs used on the animals.

Karl was able to order the drug and pick them up claiming that it was for the veterinarian. Hammock had looked up a few drugs to use as a sedative when she finally settled on Halcyon, which was in a pill form. Bernard thought they would need a different type as well, so Karl also picked up Halftone, n inhalation general anesthetic. They would crush up the Halcyon and put it into Tommy’s drink, when Timmy went unconscious, she would think it was due to the alcohol consumption. It was the evening of December 23, 1990; Timmy Hammock was excited to spend the night watching movies with her older sister, and her sister’s boyfriend.

During the early evening Timmy had been drinking with her family, but as the night drew on, the family began to retire to bed. Karl began to crush Halcyon and put it in her drinks. Soon enough Timmy had passed out and that’s when the nightmare began. According to Prone (1995), Bernard placed Timmy on the ground as Karl grabbed the Halftone and a cloth and placed it over her sister’s mouth. Bernard set up his camcorder, and began to undress Timmy and removed his pants. Soon Paul began to rape Timmy, as Karl watched while putting more Halftone over Tommy’s mouth.

Bernard soon started to make request for Karl to Join him. Moments later Karl was also raping her sister. With Timmy face down neither Karl nor Paul realized that Timmy was choking on her own vomit, and began to turn blue. When Bernard did finally notice, it was too late. December 24th, at two o’clock in the morning a 911 call was made. There had been wasn’t breathing. When police arrived Timmy was on a bed in the basement of the Homology’s home, fully dressed. Timmy Hammock was rushed to the hospital, but was pronounced dead when she arrived. Bernard and Hammock were devastated, as was the entire Hammock family.

Police questioned Bernard and Hammock about the events prior to Tommy’s death, and ordered an autopsy, which later reviled that the cause of death was due to aspiration, and the death was ruled an accident. One thing that bothered the police was a burn on her cheek. Bernard claimed it was from when tried to move Timmy, she fell and got a carpet burn. At the time, doctors said it was due to the acid from when Timmy vomited, but it was presumably caused by a chemical burn from the Halftone. Soon after Tommy’s death Paul and Karl bought a house together in Port Dalhousie, Just outside of SST.

Catharine. According to Prone (1995), while living together Paul and Karl would often role play again, as if Karl was Timmy, often videotaping themselves. Bernard would often re-watch the tape they filmed from the night Timmy was killed and masturbate to it. On occasion Bernard would bring home young girls around sixteen, have sex with them and then drive them home, all while Karl was in the house. Karl would often praise Paul afterward, calling him “the King”. During this time Pall’s aggression worsened towards Karl, calling her names, and at times even physically abusing her.

Pall’s aggression was also getting worse in the bedroom, often demanding sex from Karl, and his sexual desires getting more intense. However, Karl was never put off by any of this, writing to friends saying she loved living with Paul, and of course that she was deeply in love tit Paul. On the early morning of June 15, 1991, in Burlington, Leslie Mayfly, was returning home after attending a friend’s funeral. She was locked out of her house, and not wanting to disrupt her parents sleep, Leslie walked to a grocery store nearby to use a pay phone.

After talking to her friend for several minutes and discovering she could not stay at her friend’s house she walked back to her house and sat in the backyard where she encountered Paul Bernard. Startled she asked the mysterious man what he was doing there, lying Paul Responded that he was planning to break in to one of he homes. Leslie seeming not to care started a conversation with Paul, and at one point asking him if he had a cigarette. Bernard had his opportunity, according to Prone (1995); Bernard leaded Leslie back to the car where she sat in the front seat of Bernardino car.

At that moment Bernard pulled out a knife and told Leslie not to say a word or he would kill her. Paul began his Journey back home to Port Dalhousie with Leslie Mayfly Leslie Mayfly was blindfolded, tied up, and put in Bernardino spare bedroom, by the time Bernard was telling his soon to be wife what he had brought home. Bernard then raped Leslie, both vaginally and anally, and made her a drink containing alcohol and a sleeping pill. Bernard then got out his camera to film Leslie. Bernard made Leslie masturbate in front of the camera, and had her say comments such as her name, age, and that she loved Paul.

Later that day Bernard moved Leslie up to the master bedroom, where he continued to rape and film Leslie. Bernard then asked Hammock to Join, Bernard filmed while he and Karl continued kill Leslie Mayfly, because she could easily identify him. Bernard drugged Leslie for the last time, again using sleeping pills. Once Leslie was unconscious Bernard took electric cable and strangled Leslie Mayfly to death. Days later Bernard had a plan to get rid of Lisle’s body. In his basement using an electric saw he cut the body up. Bernard then put the body parts into eight boxes which he filled up with cement.

Bernard and Hammock took the eight blocks of cement and dumped them into Lake Gibson. Bernard had thought he had gotten away with murder. On June 29th 1991, Paul Bernard and Karl Hammock got married in front of their closest friends and family. That same day at Lake Gibson a dismembered body enclosed in cement is found by a fisherman. When police arrived at the scene, they believed it could have been the missing 14 year old girl from Burlington, Leslie Mayfly. With the dismembered body, police needed to look at dental records to find out who this young woman was.

When the records came back it in fact was Leslie Mayfly. Bernard continued to assault and stalk girls after the murder of Leslie Mayfly, on occasion he would invite over some of Tammany old friends, drug and rape then as Hammock videotaped. That Just wasn’t enough, Bernard wanted to abduct another girl to keep as his “sex slave”. On April 16th, 1992, in SST. Catharine, Kristin French as walking home from school, when Paul and Karl spotted her and put their plan in motion. Bernard pulled in to a parking lot where Kristin was walking towards. As Kristin approached, Karl got out of the vehicle and asked for directions.

Prone (1995) stated, while Kristin was helping Karl out, Bernard got behind Kristin pushed her into the car and told her that he had a knife. That’s the last time anyone other than Paul and Karl saw Kristin alive. Paul and Karl raped repeatedly for three days, videotaping most of it. On April 19th, Paul Bernard strangled Kristin the same way he had strangled Leslie. Paul Bernard dumped Keratin’s body in Burlington, at a garbage site. He hoped that the police would find it, and by dumping the body in Burlington, he thought it would throw of the police and they would not make a connection to Lisle’s murder in SST.

Catharine. On April 30th Keratin’s body was discovered. In December 1992, Bernardino DNA sample that he had given in November 1990 finally had started being tested in connection to the Scarborough rapes. During this time the physical abuse between Bernard and Hammock was worse than ever, Bernard beat Hammock with a flash light, resulting in two black eyes. Karl left Bernard at this time to get away from him and live with relatives. At this time Karl told her uncle about Bernard and told him all of his vicious crimes, including the murders of Leslie Mayfly, and Kristin French.

Also at this time the testing on Bernardino DNA samples had comeback as a positive. Bernard was arrested; the police had finally caught the Scarborough rapist. Paul Bernard was convicted nine charges against the rape, murder, and the kidnapping of Leslie Mayfly and Kristin French. Paul was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder, and two counts of aggravated sexual assault. Paul was sentence to life in prison without parole for at least 25 years. Paul was also declared a dangerous offender, meaning that his chances of being released are very unlikely. Husband, she was released July 4th, 2005.

The man that terrorized southern Ontario, now sits in a maximum security prison, in solitary confinement, not only for his unspeakable crimes, Canada’s most notorious serial killer, will stay in prison for the rest of his life. I was very disturbed while reading about the horrific crimes Paul Bernard committed. As a young boy it was evident that he did not have the best environment o grow up in. With his father, or step-father which Bernard later found out to be true, molesting a young girl, and even his own daughter, and physically abusing his wife, Bernard grew up with these crimes in his own home.

Nature vs.. Nurture becomes very evident in this case. With Paul growing up with these crimes in his own home, it became like second nature to him. If he had not grown up in this type of household Paul would not have been exposed to such crimes at such an early age. With Pall’s father not actually being his father it is clear that Paul was nurtured to be his way, events from his childhood and up bring may have caused him to be the psychopath he is today. I believe that Paul was one hundred percent responsible for his actions.

I believe he would have continued to rape women, and possibly move on to abducting and murdering these women later in life, but I believe Karl Hammock had a huge role in fueling him into darker crimes. Karl definitely had the same sexual desires as Paul, and was not easily thrown off by the idea of rape. When both Bernard and Hammock got away with rape and murder on their first try with, Karma’s sister, Timmy, I believe hat made them feel invincible, which intern lead them to try many more times. I also believe that if Karl had never introduced him to that first murder, he may have never murdered anyone.

Paul and done dozens of assaults as the Scarborough rapist and never had the urge to murder anyone until Karl came along. I also believe that Paul got way with a lot because of his good looks. When being questioned by police they would stereotype him as someone who wouldn’t be capable of doing such crimes, because he had “boy next door” look. People form opinions and think that someone that looks like that could never do such an unspeakable crime. Paul was also a smooth talker and able to walk circles around the questions asked.

He would also stay, as one police officer described, “cool as a cucumber”. I believe Paul Bernard got a fair sentence; he will probably stay in Jail for the rest of his life, due to the fact that he was declared a dangerous offender. As for Karl Hammock, I don’t believe she received a fair sentence as she was Just as involved in the crimes as Paul Bernard was. I believe Paul Bernard is Canada’s most notorious serial killer as he horrified southern Ontario for many years with his unspeakable crimes, and murdered innocent girls.