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Freedom, what does it really mean? , what would it mean for Scotland to gain independence from English rule?. What would happen to the UK if Scotland became “free”? Scotland has always been a country that has wanted to become “free” but has never managed to achieve complete “freedom”. How would Scotland gain independence; through protesting and voting, through a violent revolution or through the UK falling apart.

When you think about Scotland gaining independence you need to think about the consequences like what would actually happen to Scotland if it became independent, would the standard of living increase or would poverty increase. There are many different arguments for and against Scottish independence. One argument saying that is that the UK should break up is that it all countries in the union will regain their sense of national identity. This is a very good point as being part of a union means that each country loses some of their national identity as they become part of something much bigger.

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I believe this is a strong point as every country should have a very strong national identity. Another argument for scotlanf becoming independent is that Relations between Scots and English are deteriorating. Independence would free Scotland from dependency and England from resentment. This is another very good point and a phrase to emphasise this is “An amicable no-faults divorce is better than a bickering marriage. ” This phrase is very true and shows that Scotland and England would be better off independent. Although there is some opposition to this.