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Sea Of Change Essay, Research PaperSea of SafetyThe sea in the The Awakening is the interior battle that Edna deals with affectingdesires and dreams, the topographic point where her rebellious spririt has found a place. From herunhappy matrimony and place life, her desire to detect herself, to the letdowns oflove and life, the sea in the Awakening represents a adult female? s burdens, independency, andher true fulfilment. For the character Edna Pontellier, the sea is her beginning and terminal.The voice of the seas is seductive ; ne’er ceasin, whipering, clammoring,murmruing, invitiong the sould to roll for a enchantment in abysms of purdah ; to loseitelf in labyrinths of inward contemplation.

( 1100 )The sea is black, dark and has an overpowering sense of being controlled bynil. Edna sees it as all of the loads she has earlier her as a southern, white adult femaleseeking to squash into the tight, house, cast of the Creole married woman and female parent. Equally much asshe tries to be a good female parent and married woman, she contunuelly compares herself to MadameRatignolle which she can non populate up to. ? In short, Mrs. Pontellier was nto amother-woman. ? ( 1018 ) Where Edna? s rebellious stresak had pushed her into hermatrimony with Leonce Pontellier, this same rebellion is get downing to force her out. Shesees the matrimony now, as strictly an accident. ? As the devoted married woman of a adult male whoworshipped her, she felt she would take her topographic point with certain self-respect int he universe ofworld, shuting the portals oforever behind her upon the kingdom of love affair anddreams.

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? ( 1026 ) The more Edna learns about heself the more those portals start to open.To alter herself and encompass the darkness, confronting it caput on, would intend all that hasbeen carefully placed and planned out may be shattered. She longs to loosen the tightclasp her hubby has on her, and to destruct the control he has established.Once she stopped, and taking off her nuptials ring, flung it upon the rug.When she saw it lying at that place, she stamped her heel upon it, endeavoring to oppress it.But her little boot heel did non do an indentation, non a grade upon the smallglistening circlet. In a sweeping passion she seized a glass vase from the tabular array andflung it upon he tiles of the fireplace.

She wanted to destruct something. ( 1052 )As the sea continues to allure her, the desire to go forth the safety of the seaport andbe unfastened to alter becomes more intense. A new manner of thought and a renewedindependency becomes more realistic with every measure towards the now about sensuoussea: ? The voice of the sea speaks to the psyche. The touch of the sea is sensuous, envelopingthe organic structure its soft, close embrace.

? ( 1022 ) Edna is pulling from the ocean a sense ofsecurity and false independency.As Edna begins to research her strength or deficiency at that place of, in the dark, black sea, she

& gt ;begins her predicament of independency. As a beginning for rebellion and independency, Ednafalls in love with Robert LeBrun. He is perfectly everything her hubby is non. WhenRobert announces his programs to go forth for Mexico, this lone heightens Edna Pontellier? sdemand for independency ; As she now feels entirely in her unraveling universe. When the householdreturns place, she takes up picture, long lonely ambles, and call offing her visiting yearss,as a agency of easy interrupting those societal outlooks that have been placed on her.She takes another lover, Arobin, to maintain the feeling of infatuation, sensualness, andrebellion in her life. Renting a house was besides a immense measure, and non something that peoplelooke upon favorablly.

When Robert returns, Edna is ready to interrupt every regulation possibleto be with her true love. To go forth her kids, as she knows they will be cared for merelyas they have theinr full lives and and to eventually interrupt free of her hubbies tight strictCreole clasp. What good is it to be independent, free and have no 1 to love or be lovedin return? Making merely what is to be expected from true, out love, Robert leavesEdna entirely to confront her humdrum matrimony.In yet another effort to get away, Edna flees to the sea: ? for the first clip in herlife she stood bare in the unfastened air, at the clemency of the Sun, the zephyr that beat uponher, and the moving ridges that invited her. ? ( 1100 ) This foreshadows or leads to the idea thatEdna won? t of all time truly escape and will stop up giving in as she does. She is at the clemencyof the elements.Again the writer repetitions: ? the touch of the sea is sensuous, enveloping the organic structure inits soft, close embrace. ? ( 1101 ) To remind us, how Edna longed for the idependencethat she saw in the restless moving ridges.

Her passion turning so intense it needed some mercantile establishmentto dispurse. Her hubby in her head, was non worthy, and her lover had turned her manner.The sea called to this adult female? s psyche and it will assist set out the fires of desire and ofbeing? awakened, ? with its cool embracing.In the beginning of the novel, the sea was something to be feared, the unknownand unexperienced. The fright of ne’er taking the opportunity to see the esthesiss ithas to offer tempted her in over her caput. Then it becomes her safety in its? embracing.

?This safety sends Edna off with a false sense of independency. Recognizing the absence ofthat safety in her life she comes creeping back to the false oasis of the ocean one time once more:Merely? she did non look back now & # 8230 ; ? ( 1101 )She left her commanding hubby, the demands of maternity, the pretenses ofindependency, the? love that could ne’er be? and released herself to the clemency of thesea and all of its promises. She eventually becomes independent and makes up her head,decides her destiny, and embraces it whole heartedly.