Sean Ocasey Essay, Research PaperSean O Casey was born John Casey in 1880 in the Dublin slums. He changed his name early on in his carreer, because of his strong attractive force to Celtic patriotism. He adopted the Gaelic name O & # 8217 ; Cathasaigh, which phonetically in English, O & # 8217 ; Casey. All his life he suffered with really bad eyes. As a kid he had an cankerous cornea in his left oculus, go forthing him with sight in one.

This caused his vision to be really subdued and un-clear. He lived every twenty-four hours of his life with an increasing menace of entire sightlessness. His disablement effected his instruction. His schooling was really limited, and he learned threw his ain books and novels, along with wireless instruction plans.O & # 8217 ; Casey & # 8217 ; s first three dramas were realistic dramas about the slums of Dublin. These three dramas are frequently referred to as the Dublin trilogy.

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All three were performed in the Abbey Theatre in 1923, 1924, and 1926. The Shadow of a Gunman, which is about the panics of the & # 8220 ; Black and Tans & # 8221 ; in Dublin. Juno and the Paycock had an Irish Civil War subject to it.The 3rd in the Dublin trilogy was, The Plough and the Stars, which was dedicated to his female parent and was his most celebrated drama. It focused on the Easter Rebellion and the Irish Citizen Army. This drama caused a public violence in society, because it characterized Irish people as preponderantly drinkers, mocking Irish civilization. This drama provoked public call chiefly because of O & # 8217 ; Casey & # 8217 ; s consistent refusal to laud the force of the nationalist motion.

Alternatively he mocked the heroics of war and presented the subject that dead guiltless people far out numbered the dead heroes. After this drama turned audiences against him, O & # 8217 ; Casey fled to England, ne’er to return to Ireland.& # 8220 ; Roses don & # 8217 ; t turn around tenement doors ; pianos are rare in suites ; but brave people are at that place, and many have wider visions and more original yak than others who come from dignified college or glossier high school. & # 8221 ;O Casey( Purple Dust in Their Eyes )His following drama, The Silver Tassie was a tragic/comedy based on the barbarous horrors of World War I. It showed the monetary value, which the common people have to pay for the stupidities of war.

William Butler Yeats said that this drama, & # 8220 ; had no topic & # 8221 ; and that he was & # 8220 ; non interested in the Great War & # 8221 ; . This was rejected by the Abbey Theatre in 1928, but was successfully produced in London and New York in 1929.& # 8220 ; ( O Casey ) wrote the most glorious English of his epoch the English nearest in colour and strength to the Elizabethan & # 8230 ; He had the moral bravery of an dreamer. Whatever his spiritual thoughts may hold been, I think God had ground to be proud of Sean O & # 8217 ; Casey. & # 8221 ; – Brooks AtkinsonSean O Casey besides wrote many autobiographical plants.

Six were published separately, and were put together in a published aggregation in, Mirror in My House in 1956. The chief character in these autobiographies is Johnny-Sean-Casey-Casside-O & # 8217 ; Casey, who is chiefly an optimist who finds felicity in everything.& # 8220 ; Like the voluble characters in his dramas, O & # 8217 ; Casey can be extravagant and ebullient with words, playing with their sounds and significances, indulging in the Joycean game of wordplaies, lampoons, malapropisms and amusing invective. & # 8221 ; -David Krause ( talking about the autobiography )O Casey works threw out his life, effected people all over, particularly people of Irish heritage. His legion dramas and autobiographies impacted peoples lives vastly.Bibliography+Goldstone, Herbert: In Search of Community. The Achievement of Sean O & # 8217 ; Casey ( Cork ; Dublin, 1978 ) .

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