Search engine optimization aka SEO plays a significant role whenyou want your content, blog, website or business etc to be on ranked position.SEO consist of ON page optimization and OFF page optimization and Classifiedsads comes under the off page optimization. Classified ads are the onlineadverts of your content which might be your website, your Blog or a new start-up,it is one of the method through which you can get traffic the same. Classifieds are of two types paid and unpaid i.e. free.

Free classifiedads, we have to pay nothing but as soon as the advert gets online we start toget the positive results.There are many advantages of Classified ads the most important isthat they create a platform in the Global markets also they are free and isless time consuming and are very easy to use.Following is the list of some top classified ads:1.      http://www.vivastreet.

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classifiedads.com4.      https://www.adpost.

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com15.  http://www.classtize.

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fm                                                                   So, Classified ads can give your websiteor a blog a great boost up or a head start & can give your site a goodtraffic. If you think we missed out any good sites kindly let us know by commentingbelow.