Searching For A Messiah Essay, Research PaperBy Definition, the Messiah is a leader who is regarded as or professes to be a savior or liberator. A Jesus is a individual who rescues another from injury, danger or loss. Theologically Messiah means the Anointed One, the Christ.

It is the Hebrew name for the promised Jesus of world. Christians accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah. The Judaic faith asserts that the Messiah is yet to come. The construct of the Messiah combines the Hebrew ideal of a male monarch from the line of David with the hieratic tradition exemplified by Moses.

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Certain Old Testament passages besides qualify the Messiah as a agony retainer. In Christian divinity, Jesus fulfills all three constructs. In modern times, the term applies slackly to any awaited liberator or to an expected Jesus in any non-Christian faith.Krishna, in Hinduism and Indian mythology, the 8th embodiment, or embodiment, of the God Vishnu. Harmonizing to tradition, Vishnu appeared as Krishna to free the universe of a oppressive male monarch named Kamsa, the boy of a devil. Numerous fables describe Krishna & # 8217 ; s miracles and epic feats. He appears conspicuously, sometimes as a divinity, in the heroic poem verse form Mahabharata, in which he sides with the Pandavas, one of two postulating households, and acts as the charioteer of the hero Arjuna. It is to Arjuna, troubled on the Eve of the decisive conflict, that Krishna delivers the famed discourseon responsibility and life known as the Bhagavad-Gita.

Harmonizing to John 4:24, & # 8220 ; God is spirit. & # 8221 ; Luke 24:39 Tells us & # 8220 ; a spirit has no flesh or bone. & # 8221 ; All Bible confirms that God, in the Old Testament, was unseeable. & # 8220 ; No adult male has seen God & # 8221 ; ( John 1:18 ) ; but Jesus is described as the & # 8220 ; exact representation of God, the image of God, and the image of the unseeable God. & # 8221 ; The spirit of God that ne’er for good occupied a organic structure or signifier before, took on the signifier of a adult male by going the individual of Jesus Christ. He was no longer unseeable, untouchable, without signifier, now he dwelt among us. Both God Almighty and adult male: born in Bethlehem as Jesus Christ.

Prometheus, in Greek mythology, a Titan, known as the friend and helper of humanity. Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus were given the undertaking of making worlds and animate beings and supplying them with the gifts they would necessitate to last. Epimetheus gave the assorted animate beings gifts of bravery, strength, speed, and plumes, pelt, and other protective coverings.

When it came clip to make a being superior to all other animals, Epimetheus had nil left to confer. Prometheus so fashioned worlds in a baronial signifier and enabled them to walk unsloped. After he went to heaven and stole fire from the Gods to give to humanity, he incurred the wrath of Zeus, who had Prometheus chained to a stone. There he was invariably preyed upon by an bird of Jove until he was freed by the hero Hercules.