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Sears Essay, Research Paper


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Brand Image can be defined as the manner in which a trade name & # 8217 ; s product/service places itself to be viewed in the eyes of the populace. Sears Roebuck and Co. is a multi-line retail merchant that provides a broad array of ware and services through cleavage. At last count, the Full-line Store operations consisted of 858 mall-based retail shops selling the undermentioned classs of ware: Softlines, Hardlines, and Licensed Businesss. Softlines consists of dress and accoutrements for the full household, plus cosmetics, all right jewellery and place manners. Hardlines consists of a full mixture of contraptions, electronics and computing machines for the place, place betterment merchandises, featuring goods, lawn and garden equipment and seasonal points. Licensed Businesss consist of 3rd party grants chiefly operated within the Full-line Stores, and include portrait studios, optical and other licensees. All of the antecedently discussed cleavage acts to organize outstanding beliefs about Sears and their several trade name image, in the heads of the consumer.

Salient Beliefs sing Sears

Outstanding Beliefs are the set of beliefs activated in a peculiar state of affairs and may be represented as an associatory web of linked significances. Because a individual & # 8217 ; s cognitive capacity is limited, merely a few of our overall beliefs about a trade name can be activated and considered at one time. Merely the salient beliefs about a trade name can cause/create a individual & # 8217 ; s attitude toward that trade name. The undermentioned list outlines the relationship between salient beliefs about Sears and attitude toward the shop:

All beliefs about Sears:

oSears offers many different merchandises and services

oSears is a really big and cluttered shop

oVisiting a Sears shop is seasonably

oSears has few gross revenues representatives

oSears is a low-end retail merchant

oSears offers & # 8220 ; mundane low-prices & # 8221 ;

oSears has everything in one shop

oFinding a merchandise in a Sears shop is non easy, and may be really complicated

oSears is normally located in a shopping promenade with ample par

male monarch and easy entry


Salient Beliefs about Sears

oSears offers many different merchandises and services

oSears is a big and cluttered shop

oSears is a low-end retail merchant

oFinding a merchandise is hard

Beliefs and the Means-End Chain Linkages

Beliefs are normally linked to means-end ironss of merchandise cognition, which consist of property, functional effects ( of sing a Sears shop ) , and values ( presented by Sears ) . Throughout the class of the semester, we have been measuring the most common means-end concatenation linkages associated with Sears, which is as follows:


1.Many merchandises and services offered in one shop

2.Low monetary values

3.Shopping promenade location

Functional Consequences

1.Less money spent on single products/services due to & # 8220 ; mundane low-prices & # 8221 ;

2.Less clip spent shopping about, compared to traveling to individual forte shops

3.Availability of many products/services offers immediate satisfaction

Psychosocial Consequences

1.Customer may experience like portion of a particular tradition of excellence, because of the long history of the corporation

2.Allows client to experience that their clip is being spent expeditiously due to the assortment of products/services offered

3.Gives client feeling of satisfaction due to implied nest eggs


1.Traditional shopping venue- & # 8220 ; my grandma shopped at Sears & # 8221 ; outlook

2.Feel good about disbursement lupus erythematosus

3.Self-Esteem rises due to efficiency of behaviour

The deductions of our research force us to believe that Sears & # 8217 ; negative image is due to their deficiency of understanding the demand and wants of their clients. The multiattribute theoretical account is utile for placing which properties are most outstanding to consumers, and in this instance, the consequences should take Sears to reassess and perchance reconstitute their selling scheme. Attitude-change schemes may be the beginning of the route to greening of the company.