Second Battle Of Shiloh Essay, Research PaperJohn GilbertPaper OneDr. MosserEnglish 11026 February 2000The Second Battle of ShilohThe switch to college life can decidedly alter people. In high school, one makesfriends that will hopefully last a life-time. Then comes senior twelvemonth, and after all the collegeadmittances letters have been received, one must confront the realisation that his/her bestfriends will non be by their side 24 hours a twenty-four hours / 7 yearss a hebdomad any longer.

Still enraptured bywhat this new life, college, holds for them, pupils enter into their chosen institute ofhigher acquisition. Make you retrieve that first interruption, or long weekend, that brings everyoneback to the topographic point where they grew up? Its a opportunity to look back and catch up on oldtimes, even though you? ve merely been separated for a month or two. Whether comingplace from UGA, Tech, or even some out-of-state college, that drive place gives one clipto reflect. Will my friends who I graduated with be the same friends who I know andlove? Like I said, college alters people, and the first clip you see old friends, you mightrecognize that your best friends are non who they one time were. Although painful, this is aprocedure that is natural. Friends alteration, and friends move on with their lives, irrespective ofyour presence. On a larger graduated table, this is the quandary brought to the readers attending byBobbie Ann Mason, writer of? Shiloh? .In Mason? s? Shiloh? , Leroy and Norma Jean Moffitt are a married twosome life inPaducah, Kentucky.

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Leroy has spent the past 15 old ages driving a tractor-trailer across thestate. Four months ago, Leroy was involved in a main road accident that required steelpins to be placed in his hip. He returned place to rest and rehabilitate his leg. He isconfined to his house, something that he hasn? T seen for an drawn-out period since he? sbeen on the route. Like a college pupil, this is Leroy? s long weekend. Leroy comesplace to his married woman, Norma Jean, trusting that she will be the same individual he left many old agesbefore. Unfortunately for Leroy, Norma Jean has moved on with her life, much likefriends who move on after high school graduation.

Leroy would wish for things to be themanner they were, but Norma Jean has chosen a different class in her life that doesn? Tinvolve Leroy. She works at the Rexall Drug Store, loves to play music, and is takingcategories in composing at Paducah Community College. Bobbie Ann Mason uses literarydevices in her narrative to state of the impending divorce of Leroy and Norma Jean. The usage ofsymbolism and prefiguration are both used to clew the reader into the eventual destiny of theMoffitt? s matrimony:Siting in his Paducah, Kentucky place, Leroy stares towards the backyard wherehis rig is parked.

He says it looks? like a mammoth bird that has flown place to perch?( Mason 46 ) . This quotation mark symbolizes that the leader of the place has returned, but unhappily,Leroy is misinformed. In fact, he is scared of what the hereafter holds. To go through the clip hephysiques theoretical accounts from kits, including log cabins, barely a productive activity. Siting on thesofa he realizes that? in all the old ages he as on the route he ne’er took clip to analyzeanything? ( Mason 46 ) . He? s talking about the scenery on the route but I can subtract thatin add-on to scenery, Leroy neglected to analyze his matrimony. At this point, Leroy? smatrimony is in a unreconcilable province. The lone connexion Leroy can hammer with his married woman iswhen she starts speaking about cosmetics ( picks, toners, moisturizers ) .

He besides thinksabout crude oil merchandises & # 8211 ; axle lubricating oil and Diesel fuel. Don? T acquire me incorrect, Leroy feelsguilty about his long absences, but now that he? s place, he wishes that his married woman wouldobserve his lasting homecoming more merrily. This foreshadows her comparativeletdown with the matrimony and its at hand terminal. Leroy even observes that they? sometimes experience awkward around each other? ( Mason 47 ) . This shouldn? T be the instance fora married twosome of 16 old ages, once more boding an at hand terminal to the matrimony.Norma Jean, in the interim, learns to play the organ. At first she learns Christmasvocals, and so all the vocals in the? Sixtiess Songbook? .

The lone thing Leroy does infume articulations on the sofa. He wasted one of his yearss purchasing marihuana from a child,farther displaying is stationary and hapless life. Norma Jean is tired of his loungingabout.

One twenty-four hours, after watching Leroy sew a Star Trek pillow screen, she says, ? YouDon? T know what to make with yourself? . This symbolizes Norma Jean? s way in life andLeroy? s deficiency of motive to make anything productive, like attempt to salvage his matrimony. Thereseems to be a function reversal in this matrimony, with Norma Jean busying the masculinefunction. Norma Jean has to state Leroy to happen work. She says, ? You have to happen a occupation foremost?( Mason 49 ) , mentioning to Leroy? s desire to construct her a log cabin.

She even names off occupationsfor Leroy: ? You could acquire a occupation as a guard at Union Carbide, where they? d Lashkar-e-Taiba you set ona stool & # 8230 ; You could make a small carpenter work, if you want to construct so bad? ( Mason 49 ) .Leroy merely says that he can? t do anything where he would hold to stand up all twenty-four hours. In bedthat dark Norma Jean closes her eyes and petitions that the visible radiations be turned out, merely likeshe wants the visible radiations turned out in this matrimony. Leroy still has a preoccupation withedifice Norma Jean a log cabin, yet the impression of having a truckload of serrate,numbered logs scares him. Once once more this symbolizes his fright of the hereafter, merely theantonym of Norma Jean. Although Norma Jean is the? male monarch of the palace? , Leroy stillyearns for insisting that he is the adult male of the house.

He asks Norma Jean, ? Am I still kingaround here? ? ( Mason 53 ) . When Norma Jean flexes her biceps she is demoing Leroy thatshe is the leader of the house. Leroy knows that something has to be done to salvage hismatrimony. Mabel, Leroy? s mother-in-law, suggests they take a trip to Shiloh, a Civil Warbattlefield. This is ready-made symbolism. A battling twosome takes a trip to a celebratedbattlefield. Looking for a topographic point to picnic, they sit down following to a graveyard for UnionSoldiers, which symbolizes the decease of their life together as hubby and married woman.

She tellsLeroy that she is go forthing him and when she walks toward the bluff overlooking theTennessee River, Leroy tries to follow. His good leg, nevertheless is asleep, and his bad legstill hurts him. This symbolizes that he will ne’er catch her. She has her ain life and he isstuck in the same topographic point.In decision, I have personally experienced the loss of a friend after we bothembarked on different waies. Although we were the best of friends in high school, whenthe clip came on that long weekend to hang out, we didn? t even pick up the phone to seewhat the other was making.

Although its natural to travel in different waies, it still hurtsto no longer have that friend in your life any longer, merely like it hurts Leroy non to holdNorma JeanBibliographyShiloh