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Security And Integrity Of Data Essay, Research Paper


of informations Security of informations

involves the protection of informations from anything that could destruct it, or

introduce mistakes to it, as this may pervert informations. Thingss

such as jeopardies, for illustration fires and inundations, or another individual deriving entree

to the informations and damaging it, can destruct informations. The

security of information is really of import, as many people store highly of import

paperss on their computing machines, for illustration bank or wellness records which may

contain personal and confidential information about a individual, which when

discovered could do major jobs. If person were to detect another

individuals bank inside informations through informations being insecure, money could be taken from

their history, which would do confusion and break for everybody. Datas

does necessitate to be unbroken secure, and there are many ways to make this, for illustration by

endorsing up informations or seting watchwords on your files. How informations and

package can sometimes non be secureThere

are a big figure of ways in which information and package can non be secure, in some

of the undermentioned state of affairss: & # 183 ;

Files can be

by chance overwritten or deleted because of: & # 168 ;

Fraud & # 168 ;

Accident & # 168 ;

Files could hold the

incorrect informations inputted & # 183 ;


could be lost due to: & # 168 ;

Losing phonograph record & # 168 ;

Damage to the difficult

thrust & # 168 ;

Files or phonograph record

destroyed & # 183 ;

Omission or

corruptness & # 168 ;

Discs could be

scratched & # 168 ;

Viruses & # 168 ;

The files could be

accessed and damaged by unauthorized users ; this could be due to you non holding

necessary watchword protection on your Personal computer. Hackers and viruses Choping

is deriving entree to a computing machine system without authorization, normally to do some

harm to the system, or to derive information that would non normally be

available to the general populace. Peoples that do this could cancel or pervert

informations, and transcript it for themselves to utilize for their ain grounds. Hackers are the

people that attempt to make this. Hackers one time gaining entry to a system are

presented with limitless options as to how they could damage the system. They

could merely copy files, cancel them, or convey down the full system.

Protecting a system against hackers has become an highly of import topic,

since there is no terminal to the harm that can be done. A virus is a plan

which when ran would normally try to interrupt the usage of your computing machine in

some manner. Viruss can be written to make many things, from exposing messages on

your computing machine screen to leting another individual unauthorized entree to your

computing machine to canceling files from your computing machine. Nowadays, a really

common manner of distributing viruses is through the Internet. Peoples frequently send

viruses through electronic mail, which unsuspecting people so unfastened and harm is

caused to their computing machine. Many viruses sent through electronic mail now have the ability

to send on themselves to everybody in the receivers address book, significance they

spread more rapidly and to a larger sum of people. A virus that has been in

the intelligence reasonably late was the? lovebug? virus, spread through electronic mail it

would copy and send on itself to every individual in every receivers address book

before doing some harm the computing machine. Protection from

hackers and viruses There

are a big figure of ways in that an administration can be protected from

hackers and viruses: & # 183 ;


anti virus package? There are a batch of different anti virus plans

available, which when loaded onto your computing machine can scan the memory and phonograph record

for any viruses that could be potentially harmful to your computing machine. The

package would so take any viruses found. However it is of import to

on a regular basis update your virus package, as new viruses are being discovered all

the clip which old pieces of package may non be programmed to look into for. & # 183 ;

Stoping people

downloading files/placing files from phonograph record onto the difficult thrust of the computing machine

? This would be a really effectual manner of forestalling viruses, as no unauthorized

or potentially detrimental package would be allowed onto the computing machine, every bit long as

people did maintain to the regulations. & # 183 ;


up the system daily? This wouldn? t needfully stop viruses within the system,

but in the event of the system being destroyed so it would be easy to rapidly

replace everything that has been lost as it would be backed up on phonograph record. & # 183 ;


one base entirely Personal computer where phonograph record can be checked for viruses, hence if there

happens to be a virus on the phonograph record it will merely impact the one Personal computer and non convey

a whole web down. & # 183 ;


user names and watchwords that are alone. Therefore cipher would be able to

entree the system without mandate since they would non cognize these pieces

of information. & # 183 ;


up a firewall on the system. This is a device that would supervise the ports of

your computing machine and block unauthorized entree. It can maintain path of all informations that

enters or leaves your web, and even halt this information from making so, therefore

if you did acquire a virus on your computing machine you would hold monitored when it was

received and where it came from. Backing up dataData demands to be

backed up on a regular basis. This is so that if the information is of all time lost due to a virus,

or inadvertent omission, loss or corruptness, it can easy be replaced. This

would salvage a batch of clip in re-producing all of the lost informations, and if informations were

backed up every eventide so it would merely be one yearss work maximal that would

of all time be lost in the event of one of the above occurrence. Even

if your Personal computer is password protected it can still be hacked, and files lost this

manner as many plans make this procedure really easily. You can assist to maintain

your informations safer by endorsing up informations every clip you save a piece of work. You can

back up informations onto either floppy phonograph record or if you have a Cadmium author, onto Cadmiums. If

you back up onto re-writeable Cadmiums so you can overwrite these backups one time you

add to your work. Physical precautions Some

of the undermentioned physical precautions could be used to look after informations: & # 183 ;

Files locked

away/discs kept in a locked room & # 183 ;

Write protect floppy

phonograph record, this involves traveling a little check so that informations can non be written onto the

phonograph record. & # 183 ;

The little check that is

on tape cartridges can be snapped off which will forestall informations from being over

written. & # 183 ;

The computing machine could be

watchword protected so that cipher without the correct watchword would be able to

use the computing machine & # 183 ;

Peripherals such as

the mouse or the keyboard could be removed, which would forestall anybody from

utilizing the machine unless they had spares with them, which would be improbable. Safeguarding the

web An

administration could safeguard its web from who used it by: & # 183 ;

Using firewalls?

These could be used to halt information coming into and traveling out of the web.

Therefore hackers would non be able to derive entree to the web, as the firewall

would halt them. & # 183 ;

Give every individual

that is traveling to utilize the web a alone username and watchword. Then anybody

that didn? T know the watchwords would be unable to derive entry to the web.

Besides the waiter disposal could let different people entree to different

things throughout the web to bound and path harm that could be done. Passwords Passwords

are used to restrict who can derive entree to a computer. ? For a watchword to be effectual it would hold to be changed

on a regular basis and be hard for another individual to conjecture. However there are

plans that can think watchwords really rapidly through word lists that are

programmed into them. To battle this the figure of efforts there can be at

come ining the watchword can be limited. For illustration, on the

school web each student has a separate booklet with a alone username and

their ain watchword. If anybody attempts to derive unauthorized entree to a booklet

placed on the web they would foremost necessitate to cognize a username, and a watchword

that goes with it, happening these could be a hard undertaking. Integrity of informations Datas

can go inaccurate in some of the undermentioned ways: & # 183 ;

Mistakes in

roll uping informations & # 183 ;

Transmission mistakes?

These types of mistakes would happen when informations, which has been sent from one

device to another, is changed during transmittal due to a hardware

failure. ? For illustration files being sent

across the Internet from one computing machine to another may go corrupt through

sending, which would render them unserviceable. & # 183 ;

Read mistakes? When

information is misread. & # 183 ;

Transcription mistakes

? These are mistakes that are made whilst the information is being entered, for illustration

people merely doing a typewriting mistake and non gaining. The

effects of inaccurate informations could be that, in the illustration of a company such

as a bank holding incorrect informations, their clients going annoyed, and the company

losing money. The company could besides be arrested under the information protection act. Verification,

proof and input masksVerification is when

a human, through proofreading, cheques informations. You can make this in several ways: & # 183 ;

Proof read the work

on the proctor or on a print out & # 183 ;

Check work on a

monitor/print out with a manual transcript & # 183 ;

Get person else to

look into the work for you. & # 183 ;

Two people typing in

the same information, and if the information is the same it is accepted for processing. The

merely drawback to this is the improbable event that the two people really make

the same error, and the incorrect information is inputted.The advantages of

confirmation are that informations is less likely to be inaccurate. For many companies

such as Bankss, informations being accurate is important. However, it does take

clip to look into all the information, and in instances such as holding two people come ining the

informations, this is utilizing another individual that could be making other more of import

work, and two rewards need to be paid which would lose money.Validation

can be used in a database, where you set up the Fieldss in a database so that

merely certain information can be entered. It? s a cheque by the existent computing machine

plan and makes certain that the information is allowable. There

are many different cheques that can be performed: & # 183 ;

Fictional character

type cheque? This cheque will do certain that the right characters are entered

into the computing machine. & # 183 ;


cheque? Where the length of the word that has been entered is checked, and if

this is wrong an mistake message is displayed. For illustration when filling in a

signifier, if the inquiry? what sex are you? was asked, there are merely two possible

replies, male or female, so we know that the maximal figure of letters that

could be entered into this field would be 6. & # 183 ;


look into? You can execute this cheque on figure, to do certain that they are within

a certain scope. For illustration, upon come ining peoples ages, there are non likely

to be any people older than 130, so you could put it up so that this anything

higher than this figure could non be inputted. & # 183 ;


cheque? When a codification is entered that cheques if there is really something in

the field. This would be used in a field which must hold some informations entered into

it, such as a primary key field which would specify each entry into the

database. & # 183 ;


look into? This lone allows certain informations to be entered. For illustration, ? Title. ? We

cognize that there are merely a certain sum of rubrics which could be entered, Mr,

Mrs, Miss, etc. So we could come in them all into the computing machine, and if anything

else was entered an mistake message would be displayed and the informations could non be


advantages of proof: & # 183 ;


is less opportunity of doing typing mistakes as the computing machine checks all your informations for

you, and you do non hold to look through the papers so carefully for mistakes,

hence this is a timesaver.Disadvantages: & # 183 ;


regulations can take a small clip to put up. & # 183 ;


besides do non guard against typing mistakes completely.Input

masks allow you to really plan the manner that informations should be entered into

certain Fieldss. Datas can be entered precisely how you wish it to be, with

capital letters, or brackets, or per centum marks. The

advantages of input masks are that: & # 183 ;


let informations to be entered rapidly, you would non hold to maintain pressing the displacement

key for capital letters if you set up input masks to capitalize in certain

topographic points. & # 183 ;


of the informations will be accurate and consistent, supplying you set up the input

masks right, as the input masks will do certain that all of the information is the same. & # 183 ;


make non necessitate to blow clip look intoing all of the information, as it is certain that it

will all be correct.The

disadvantages of input masks are: & # 183 ;


come ining names, you could put it up so that the first missive of the 1st

name, and the 1st missive of the family name are capitalised. However

when it comes to names such as McHugh, the cheque would non let the 3rd

missive of this name to be capitalised. & # 183 ;


proof regulations, they can take a considerable sum of clip to put up ; clip

that could be better spent making other things.The

following characters can be used to put up input masks. 0

? A figure required 9

? A figure optional L

? Letter must be entered? ? A missive optional. & gt ; & # 8211 ; A capital missive & lt ; & # 8211 ; A small letter letterIf you wanted to put an input mask up for a ZIP code, you

would make so in the undermentioned mode: An illustration of a ZIP code may be CW5 6JY. The input mask for this would be LL09 0LL The? Ls? for capital letters, and the 9 would be at that place since

some ZIP codes do hold an excess figure on the terminal, but non all therefore the

figure would be optional.