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Seinfeld Essay, Research Paper

Seinfeld ranks among the best situational comedies of all clip. It has been compared to I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners, both of whom received congratulations for there open uping plants in comedy. But I believe that Seinfeld takes the term situation comedy to another degree. This is accomplished by exhibiting the many properties of the show. Seinfeld contains many features of a great situational comedy.

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The ground why Seinfeld is a alone show is because of its coherency. This show has a assortment of secret plans in one episode. Seinfeld takes these secret plans and relates them in some uneven, but amusing manner. The other thing that is consistent in this show is the dramatis personae. I have non seen a dramatis personae that relate to each other so good since I Love Lucy. This shows dramatis personae resembles the dramatis personae of I Love Lucy because both dramatis personaes have conflicting personalities. In Seinfeld for illustration, George and Jerry & # 8217 ; s personalities are the exact antonym. George is a entire neurotic, while Jerry has a return it easy personality. Same for I Love Lucy, Lucy is ever the leader and Ethel is ever the follower. Without coherency Seinfeld would ne’er be where it is today.

Seinfeld is really original in the thoughts they use for there shows. This is where the show starts to resemble The Honeymooners and there alone thoughts. The Honeymooners & # 8217 ; thoughts were really alone for their clip. Like the episode when Ralph had a battle with Alice. It was a land interrupting thought for the clip, holding a twosome controversy and shouting at each other. Seinfeld, whose thoughts are alone for its clip, had its most

celebrated episode covering with a Soup Nazi. They called him the Soup Nazi because he ran his soup base with a Hitler type absolutism. I have ne’er seen a sitcom trade with such a stupid issue, yet it was nominated for an Emmy for the best scene in a situation comedy. Another original thought used in Seinfeld is that each character has their ain privilege. They are non afraid to demo the audience how they feel towards each other. Just like when Elaine picks at George about his phalacrosis and George returns the favour by dissing her about her figure in a certain frock. These small inside informations and thoughts make Seinfeld one of the greatest situation comedies of all clip.

Many people can associate to Seinfeld & # 8217 ; s mundane life state of affairss. Again Seinfeld takes it another measure and pokes merriment at these state of affairss. Peoples normally look for gags in a situation comedy ; Seinfeld has gags, but it besides describes some curious state of affairss. Peoples relate to these state of affairss and when Seinfeld adds a punchline, people look at mundane life in a wholly different manner. Just like when Jerry goes to the dry cleaners and finds that his apparels are being worn by the dry cleansing agent himself. He finds this out while go toing a film with Elaine. He sees the dry cleansing agent with what he thinks is his athleticss coat and subsequently on in the hebdomad he finds the film stub in the pocket of the coat. This is the type of state of affairs people have thought about, but ne’er truly confronted. By utilizing mundane life state of affairss Seinfeld entreaties to a larger audience. All of these illustrations prove that Seinfeld has many features of a great situational comedy.