Selected World War II Broadcasts Essay, Research Paper[ Pound broadcast at least 120 original column and pronunciamento over Radio Rome inItaly from 1941 to 1943.

We are reissuing two of these broadcasts to promote treatmentof them and to indicate readers toward the full book. The full text of 120 broadcasts isavailable in “ Ezra Pound Speaking ” : Radio Speeches ofWorld War II. Ed. Leonard W. Doob. Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1978.

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]March 15, 1942The enemy is Das Leihkapital. Your Enemy is Das Leihkapital, intemational, rollingLoan Capital. Your enemy is non Germany, your enemy is money on loan. And it would bebetter for you to be infected with typhus, and dysentery, and Bright & # 8217 ; s disease, than to beinfected with this sightlessness which prevents you from understanding HOW you are undermined,how you are ruined.

The large Jew is so bound up with this Leihkapital that no 1 is able to unscramble thatomelet. It would be better for you to retire to Darbyshire and withstand New Jerusalem, betterfor you to retire to Gloucester and happen one topographic point that is England than to travel on contendingfor Jewry and disregarding the procedure.It is an indignation that any clean chap from the state & # 8211 ; I suppose there are STILL a fewENGLISH chaps from the state & # 8211 ; it is an indignation that any nice immature adult male from the suburbsshould be expected to decease for Victor Sassoon, it is an indignation that any bibulous footman & # 8217 ; sbyblow should be asked to decease for Sassoon.

As to your Empire, it was non all of it won by clean combat. But nevertheless you got it,you did for a clip more or less justify maintaining it, on the land that you exported goodauthorities or better authorities than the indigens would hold had without England.You let in the Jew and the Jew rotted your imperium, and you yourselves out-jewed theJew. Your Alliess in your exploited retentions are the bunyah, you stand for Nothing butvigorish.And above metal vigorish ; you have built up bank vigorish, 60 % against 30 and 40 % , and bythat you WILL NOT be saved.

Corrupting the whole Earth, you have lost yourselves toyourselves.And the large Jew has rotted EVERY state he has wormed into. A albatross. Well, anexceptionally good swimmer MIGHT conceivably be cast into the sea with a rock tied unit of ammunitionhis cervix. He might possibly unbrace it. If he were a Scotchman, he would retrieve hisclasp knife, before being thrown overboard.You seem to retrieve Nothing.

It were better you were infected with typhus. As tofederal brotherhood, or JEW/nion. There is NO inquiry of race in Streit & # 8217 ; s proposition. It is asproposed a brotherhood of slaves, under Jewry. Offered by prevaricators and abetters of stealers.You have stolen land from your late Allies, and land faux pass from your control. The Loneconquerings of Britain and Rosenfeld are conquerings FROM their alleged Alliess.

All right, say that Franklin Delany swipes ALL South America & # 8211 ; to what stop? And destroythe United States of America while he is making it. What & # 8217 ; s that to you? It is non England & # 8217 ; sredemption. Will you of all time LOOK at the narrative of imperium? You are NOT even in the mercantilesystem, you are in a sham mercantile system, non even mercantile. It was for a clip calledmercantile or the mercantilist system and defined as sing the felicity of a stateto dwell in the sum of MONEY it owned, and its procedure to dwell in STEALING,welching, pouching the greatest possible sum of same ( i.

e. , of money ) from otherstates.That defines the USURY system, the ONLY system Anglo Saxons have known or used in ourclip.And it will non salvage you.

NOR will Judaized Russia. Nor will the Kahal, the Jew & # 8217 ; scardinal commission of hemophiliacs. WHAT is their system? Unvarying, inexpensive goods, sweated outof inexpensive labour, droppings dust hurled on the universe, the WORLD conceived as perspiration store, to hellwith the 8-hour twenty-four hours, down with copiousness.

DUMPING sweated goods, dumped against any andevery state that pays a merely monetary value for labour. That is your Ally.And in your past a trail of blood and of opprobrium. You bought Hessians to kill your ainblood in America. You bought & # 8216 ; em from a stinking feudal master, who was in the custodies ofthe ROTHSCHILD ; that is HISTORY. You stirred up the American barbarians against your ain familyIN America. But now Eden and Cripps have called in the Muscovite, to mooch and destruct allEastern Europe, and kill Finland, for the interest of the stinking Jews Ni mines.Your opprobrium is bound up with Judaea.

You can non touch a sore or a shame in your imperiumbut you find a Mond, a Sassoon, or a Goldsmid. YOU HAVE NO RACE left in your authorities.God knows if it can be found still scattered in England.

IT must be found scattered in England. The white leftovers of England, the white leftoverof the races of England must be FOUND and happen agencies to cling ; otherwise, you might asgood lie down in your grave paces.You have for old ages had inexpensive goods DUMPED in from Russia. Your confederation with Moscowwill convey no alleviation to that lesion. Your Hebrews have ruined your place industries. Loansfrom the metropolis of London, loans to the Orient, involvement paid in inexpensive cotton goods, loansto the South American states, involvement paid in beef from the Argentine, and ruin ofEnglish graze.

The Torahs of lasting authorities have been known from the yearss of King Wen.When imperiums go to ROT, they go to decompose for known grounds.The Times, Telegraph, Manchester Guardian, are at that place to hide these grounds. Yourimperativeness is an opprobrium, has been throughout our clip.The Torahs of lasting authorities have been known from the yearss of King Wen, andwhen the Roman Empire perished it perished from the same follies that your hymies, yourRothschilds, Beits, Sieffs, Schiffs, and Goldsmids have squirted into your venas.

Cheap grain dumped from Egypt, ruin of the Italian agriculture, vigorish, and more vigorish, THATis the reply.For two centuries, of all time since the beast Cromwell brought & # 8216 ; em back into England, thehymies have sucked out your vital organs. A mild incursion, for a hundred old ages theyhold bootlicked your aristocracy and now where is your aristocracy? You had at least thegloss of control ; you had, allow us state, some influence with the Godheads of Judaea as longas they WANTED your rubrics, every bit long as Levy Levinstein Lawson WANTED to be addressed asLord Burnham.

You could turn the worst border of their greed, or instead you could turn itOFF, the upper or huppar clawses ; and turn it ONTO the equal. As you did without clemency.But when the same moochers have moved over to New York City, how will you pull off & # 8216 ; em?The same bloody minded blackmailers, or their descendants. The same FINANCIALHOUSES. The same Rothschilds who plotted with Sherman, and Vandergould to Kill theAmerican state, who betrayed the United States in the “ 1960ss ” .

Head office inLondon, agents in the U.S. of America.Now the reference is altered. Main office in Wall Street and Cohen in London. You sendWillie over to descry on us. You send 5000 loan sharks & # 8217 ; procurers over to Washington and give particularpassports, diplomatic, to wheedle the United States into your programs to acquire cannon fresh fishfrom Idaho and from Iowa to weld your slaves cellar on Europe. And this clip you getdumped into the ash can.

You have even forgotten your Kipling. Pig Baldwin has forgotten his cousin ; if hisobscene and unreliable head of all time grasped the significance of Rudyard & # 8217 ; s narratives. Let me rememberone transition to the sow face:“ The Americans, ” wrote Rudyard, “ accommodatingly slaughtered each other inorder that the Czechoslovaks might inherit Boston Common. ” Cras tibi, tomorrowis your bend. Curse it all, you slaughtered the flower of England in the Boer War.Then in 1914 in the first three months, the best of you went out and got slaughtered.. .

.been seen merely excessively clearly. And your foul documents, the crud of your newspaper hasbeen subsidized to maintain your heads off it.A soiled spot of meat by the name of Gollancz has used your book trade to hide it. Youhold about NO agencies of communicating.When a Brooks Adams writes five volumes that would assist you to see it, six transcripts reachEngland. You have LOST the wellness of the head. God knows how the scattered smattering ofEnglishmans still in England can still speak one with another.

I see NO redress in your parliament. I don & # 8217 ; t mean as parliament. I mean in theforces. It is your job. You do non NOW even elect your ain parliament. Whether WITHan election you could acquire anything save old dead meat, I do non cognize.

During the last wara few work forces had a gleam of inherent aptitude. On whatever expression, they called it pacificism. Be it?All of & # 8216 ; em I of all time met were hard-bitten.

Be it an replete to salvage the butt terminal of the RACEby non contending? Is it a error to battle Germans by force?Is there a RACE left in England? Has it ANY will go forth to last? You can transportslaughter to Ireland. Will that salvage you? I doubt it. Nothing can salvage you, salvage a purging.

Nothing can salvage you, salvage an avowal that you are English.Whore Belisha is NOT. Isaccs is non. No Sassoon is an Englishman, racially. NoRothschild is English, no Strakosch is English, no Roosevelt is English, no Baruch,Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Khan, Baruch, Schiff, Sieff, or Solomon was of all timeyet bom Anglo-Saxon.And it is for this crud that you fight.

It is for this crud that you have murderedyour imperium, and it is this crud that elects your politicians.You have lost your tradition. You have non even learned what Lord Byron told you. Youare, as even that disgusting rag the Times tells you, a small late in doing a start.

In the twelvemonth 1942 Anno Domini, there is merely one start you can do. And that is a starttoward being England. A refusal to be a state of Israel, or an outstation ofYankee-Judaea.Quando tutti saremo forti.April 27, 1943I think rather merely and decidedly that the American military personnels in N. Africa, all of& # 8216 ; em ought to travel back to America: IF they can acquire at that place.America ought non to be makin & # 8217 ; war on Europe, and America knows it.

I think it is clipthe American U.S. citizen studied Mr. Morgenthau & # 8217 ; s exchequer studies, whether or non he isout in forepart proclaiming the coming of Zion or non. I think it is clip you openedKipling & # 8217 ; s memoirs “ Something approximately myself.

” I think it is clip more AmericanGeorge masons developed a wonder about the possible dealingss of their order to Jewry as such,and to at least a religious order or part or choice of ORGANIZED Jews as a possible enemy ofworld, and of the American people, the British people in peculiar.I think it might be a good thing to hang Roosevelt and a few hundred yidds IF you canmake it by due legal procedure, NOT otherwise. Law must be preserved. I know this may soundtame, but so is it. It is sometimes difficult to believe so.

Difficult to believe that the 35 ex-armysubalterns or whatever who wanted to knock off all the kike congresswomans weren & # 8217 ; t merely a spotpetroleum and simpliste. Sometimes one feels that it would be better to acquire the occupationdone somehow, ANY how, than to detain executing.A chair has been founded in the Sorbonne to analyze modern Jewish history, i.e. , the functionof the hymie in modern history.

It would be good to hold similar chairs in ALL Americanuniversities, though Harvard and the College of the City of N. York might happen it difficult toacquire the necessary gifts. I don & # 8217 ; t believe there is any American jurisprudence that permits you toshoot Nic. Butler. It is a commiseration but so is it. No ex post facto Torahs are to bedreamt of. Not that Frankfurter or any other darn Jews attention a hoot for jurisprudence or for theAmerican Constitution. But we are non here to uphold Frankfurter or the Judaic blood feud.

In the thick of which YOU reasonably good are. And every American male child that gets drowned owes itto Roosevelt and Baruch, and to Roosevelt & # 8217 ; s VIOLATION of the responsibilities of office.It is on the land of those misdemeanors, those that occurred before Pearl Harbor, thatyou should impeach him. It is clip that the affair was studied.It is clip that the practical agencies for making the occupation were made topic of survey. Itwill be hard in so far as your imperativeness and wireless are largely in Chewisch custodies. It will behard to organize attempt in our so all-fired lawless state.

Instinctivelylawless BUT controlled, by an organisation. An organisation good worth your survey. Be youMason or Non-Mason. You will hold to organize cells, karyon, and communicate. You will hold tokeep some freedom of the imperativeness and acquire radio Stationss someway.

Congress should travel onthe air. Failing that, province senates and legislative assemblies should travel on the air. And provinceuniversities in provinces non entirely run by their ghettoes should get down a survey of history ofthe Jew & # 8217 ; s function in history, of the function of vigorish, and currency control BY immaterialprivate organic structures, all that should be made topic of survey.

You & # 8217 ; ve got to get down sometime.You have got to larn a small, at least a small about the history of your Alliess.About Jew-ruin & # 8217 ; 500 England. About the wreckage of France, wrecked under yidd control. Ickywith hymies.

Blum, Zay, and the remainder of & # 8216 ; em pushed France into war, when it was deadcertain France would acquire beaten. Fixing ANOTHER. Oh, yes.

ANOTHER ten or twenty old ageswar between the U.S. and Slavic Russia to get down merely every bit shortly as this one shows marks ofrelaxin & # 8217 ; . Don & # 8217 ; t believe the hymie WANTS to halt wars every bit long as nonkikes will travel on killin & # 8217 ;and submerging each other, in order to supply dividends for loan capital. And SOME capital.

A portion of loan capital is, mebbe you have heard this before, some portion of loan capital IStruly in chewish custodies. Mebbe you haven & # 8217 ; t yet heard that. And some of the Americandollars that went for gold, went OUT of America to purchase gold, good some of that went out toKIKERY. And Heinrick ben Sloman, ben Soloman, ben Isaac, ben Morgenthau, boy of hismale parent, was the kike that sent it right out.And you go on taking it, you go on being diddled, and listening to the Jerusalemsynagogue wirelesss from London and Jew York City. Gawd ellup you. Bags of money, offeredthru fright or guilt, have been uniformly refused by the rabble, wrote Mr.

Jefferson to JohnJay from Paris, July 19th, 1789. Paris was lively. On September 6 Jefferson was blissfullywoolgathering an ideal democracy as follows:But with regard to future debts would it non be wise and merely for the state todeclare in the Fundamental law that they are organizing, that neither the legislative assembly nor thestate itself can validly contract more debt than they may pay within their ain age,or within the term of 34 old ages?Think it over. That was T.J.

composing to Madison, from Paris, 6 September 1789. It isthe celebrated missive incorporating the words: “ the Earth belongs in usufruct to thelife. ” That subject he subsequently repeated, in the signifier “ the Earth belongs to thelife. ” And the “ within their ain age ” was reduced to 19 old ages.First, he thought of the “ ain age ” as the period into which the normdweller of a state would last. Then he figured that kids and those under agewouldn & # 8217 ; Ts have any say in undertaking the debt. So they ought non to jump.

That is, soldinto bondage for its payment. These are all right points of the moralss. They won & # 8217 ; t entreaty toMr. Constantine Brown. They will hold no consequence upon those of you who are given over tothe comforting ( soothing if it comforts you ) theory that desolation merely doesn & # 8217 ; t affairand to whom.Shakespeare and Bach are a dullard. Architecture is unsafe.

Sculpture is forbidden. Mr.Brown wants a bright new universe ; and debt is after all merely the preliminary to slavery. One cangestate a government in which there is NO economic autonomy. I mean perfectly NO economicautonomy for anyone. Not by accident, but by plan.

It is much easier, in fact, togestate a slave province than a free province. A province wherein all work forces are slaves, and no adult malehas any right whatsoever to life, autonomy, and where even the chase & # 8211 ; fantastic phrasethat “ chase ” of felicity & # 8211 ; would be illegal, or at least regarded as a gravemisdemeanour.A truly terrible Puritan like Eden or Morgenthau would likely state you that thechase of felicity is on a degree with chippy-chasing. I know you don & # 8217 ; t THINK you areripe for a existent revolution. You don & # 8217 ; t believe YOU are mature for the terminal of the capitalistsystem wholly.

You would instead such revolutions occurred in the Punjab or inBessarabia. But one thing leads to another.And yet, Civilization was non yours to destruct.