Last updated: September 13, 2019
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As an undergraduate, I am so curious about the society. Things happened in the previous three years in college have made me mature and independent. Gradually, I have realized that a good career plan would influence my whole life. At the same time, setting up a career goal that is suitable for me would be a key factor in my career plan. Take into account my major, HR management, and my personal interest, hotel and tourism management; I made up my mind to become an outstanding HR manager in a foreign company.

To achieve this goal, I designed this three-year short-term plan. To begin with, as a junior in college, I am aware that graduation is around the corner. Whether to apply for a post graduate school abroad or in China, is what all the juniors keep in mind. What is more, the third in college is the time for an undergraduate to carefully establish a career plan. After considering all my personal traits, I decided to get a job after graduation.

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However, this is a huge challenge to an inexperienced graduate who still needs expand my social relationship. After all I still believe that opportunity and challenge coexist. Therefore, in the third year, I will learn as hard in class, while at the same time, grasp all the opportunity to improve my ability, participate in social activities, to expand interpersonal relationship, and to improve my understanding of society and humanity.

Besides, I would also apply for some English training program to improve my comprehensive skills. Since Hong Kong and Macau are preferable to me, Cantonese is highly needed. Secondly, when coming to the fourth year of college, the pressure of employment would get larger. A better internship experience would not only add value to my resume but also get mentally prepared before entering into the society. Therefore, what I need to do most is to select a company and start my internship.

That is to apply the knowledge I accumulated in college to the actual work, and get know more about the related positions and their daily operations. Additionally, as an undergraduate who lacks experience, I need to be patient. Cherish the work opportunity available in this period is what I need to do. After I got a job, I would accomplish those tasks step by step, get involved in self-oriented training and be willing to try work in various fields. In this way, I would experience a fast pace self development in career and realize my career development goal.