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1.What objectives did BHI seek to accomplish through the introduction of SDWTs? Were these objectives accomplished? The goal of the SDWT’s that BHI had introduced was geared to meeting the needs of the customers with regard to “on-time delivery, quality, and the right quantity of our tools would be the difference for the future.” (p.364) They were able to not only meet the needs but also increase the output/production due to the SDWT’s having the authority to make their own decisions.This empowerment lead directly to the overall all increase production.

The team had gone from being several hundred orders behind to being six weeks ahead in its production schedule. (p.366) 2.Analyze the data in Figure 1 and present it in a way that best demonstrates the impact of the SDWT initiative. I would present the information in this manner, noting that the numbers indicate the total number of discrepancies for the time period indicated.

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Dec 96- Feb97Apr 97 – Jul 97Aug 97 – Nov 97SDWT01453QC29263CC010Although for the months of August through November you see the SDWT number hit 53, and although this number is high, this is where you want the discrepancies to be found; before they leave the actual work area, before it goes to QC and CC. For QC, you see the total number dwindle from 29 down to 3. This indicates that the workers are being vigilant in the products that they are making, something that they weren’t doing before.3.Discuss George and Shane’s approach to launching the SDWT initiative. How did they try to motivate the employees to accept the change? George and Shane took all the necessary time (8 months) to plan the implementation of the SDWT. By doing so, it allowed them the time to gather up the necessary data as opposed to just diving in without any particular direction in which to go.

George and Shane offered several things in order to get the teams to accept the new change. One of them was serving them a customer breakfast if they produced 42 parts a day. The other was getting them shirts and hats for the team that went three months without a discrepancy.