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Self Reflection 1 Essay, Research Paper

Self Reflection 1

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Self-Assessment and Reflection Paper

Managerial Communication ( COM 515 )

February 6, 2001

Self Reflection 2

Self-Assessment and Reflection Paper

In the last seven hebdomads, I had an chance to look back and analyze the events that has shaped my life. This was a alone experience where I was emotionally comfy plenty to look back at life. I was able to objectively revisit many events that were frequently buried and excessively painful to face. I was free from the convulsion of emotional frights of failure, choler, sorrow and solitariness, which frequently clouded my perceptual experience. .

I was able to brood on many pleasant and unpleasant events with more comfort and assurance. I accepted each event as portion of life, irrespective of whether it was a good or bad experience. I understand that life transpires even when we are non prepared for it, but more significantly, it is how we deal with fortunes that keep us traveling frontward. For the first clip, there was lucidity and I became cognizant of two chief points one was my life changing/challenging experience and the second was my fiscal growing.

My life has been a journey filled with ambitious experience, which consist of some unfixable actions, like go forthing place. I grew up in an autocratic, spiritual environment where personal look and freedom did non be. Since I could retrieve, there was a changeless force per unit area for me to conform into Indian Christian society. Over the old ages the load of non being able to convey my feelings and endless demands grew to hatred and retaliation toward my parents. The twenty-four hours after my high school graduation, without allowing anybody know I disappeared. I packed all my properties and moved to Houston, where my friend had moved a twelvemonth earlier. My moving was one of the greatest determinations I of all time made, assisting me to maturate as an person and to understand and see a life that I ne’er thought possible.

Self Reflection 3

One major guilty component that has plagued me is how I had deceived my parents and left them with a bag of frights and uncertainness. Without even allowing them know if I was safe or without even seeking to discourse my sadness, I vanished for three yearss. Those three yearss must hold been the worst yearss of their lives. I was non adult male adequate to stand up to my parents and show my discontent. Rather than to extricate the issue by speaking thing out with my parents, I became a coward and ran off.

Upon manifestation, I have learned a batch during that disputing experience, particularly how to be an independent person. I got my ain topographic point, bought a new auto, and went to school full clip while working full clip. I supported myself financially, emotionally and mentally. Even though my move to Houston was the right one, I executed the move without believing things through. I should hold stopped being egoistic and idea of the hurting and torment that it would do my parents. This life larning experience has been a double-edged blade, because it has taught me to stand up for what I want, yet on the other manus, sometimes running awa

Y is likely the best thing to make, which will assist to unclutter clouded ideas and refocus on my finish.

Play to Win by Larry Wilson introduces a simplistic, yet optimistic, method of sing life. It embraces two cardinal positions & # 8211 ; emotional and religious adulthood that allows us to measure who we are. ? Life is an escapade to be experienced, lived, experimented with and committed to. ? ( Wilson,1998, p.89 ) This statement entirely tells us that we are in control of our lives. We all can take dissimilar and painful waies to acquire to the safe topographic point and that is O.K. .

When looking back, my 2nd life-learning lesson came through fiscal growing. This growing was to some extent expected, since I was so munificent with hard currency. My

Self Reflection 4

fiscal slogan was that money comes and money goes. I knew finally, I needed to acquire a appreciation on my foolish disbursement wont, but it spun out of control with each purchase. There were yearss where I would waste money like there was no tomorrow. I ne’er planned for the future Lashkar-e-Taiba entirely on for the following repast. For the first clip without my parents, with limitless freedom in a new province and populating the college experience, I was non concerned about money.

& # 8220 ; A foolish adult male and his money are shortly parted. & # 8221 ; ( Stanley, 2000, p.108 ) Within three old ages I lost everything. First the recognition card companies started naming, so the phone line was disconnected, I was evicted, so my auto was repossessed. Traveling out and holding merriment took precedence over my ain wellbeing. I had nowhere to turn ; I was in a new province without my parents aid. At the age of 22 with all my fiscal jobs and with no 1 to assist me, the lone solution was to register for bankruptcy.

Upon contemplation that was one of the scariest experiences of my life. Those were proving times adversity had conquered my life. I had no money ; populating payroll check to paycheck became the norm. Since I had no money, my friends and public transit became my lone beginning of acquiring to school. Paying for school, acquiring any sort of recognition, or even composing a cheque became hard. Many of times I wanted to return back to my parents. I learned how to be strong through financially tough times and how to ne’er lose path of my outgos.

Clearly placing who we are is frequently a ambitious enterprise. Each of us has a metal character that? I am perfect, everything I do is great and everyone else is wrong. ? We as human existences, frequently get defensive to negative feedbacks and any sort of alteration is frequently a ghastly undertaking to portion take in. It is difficult to accept difference of sentiment. Plus, it

Self Reflection 5

takes a batch of energy, openness, and willingness to listen to positive or negative feedback from others. Therefore, I believe personal growing is a work in procedure for each person that are willing to accept the challenge.

Self Reflection 6


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