Last updated: June 13, 2019
Topic: ScienceEngineering
Sample donated:

In this short self-reflective paper, I will evaluate, comment, and self-reflective on the class as a whole. I like to evaluate the learning experience in English 1020 and all the tools this course enabled me to use writing my paper, a techniques and thought I was completely ignorant about before I took this course. What fascinated me a lot in this class in the interaction between the students as a group and the teacher, as well as the interaction among the students themselves. Our teacher, Paul DeMarte, is a great teacher because he wanted us to learn about all the tools and techniques in writing and explode our mind.

His main concern was educating us in this particular endeavor to be able to write about any area in the future of my education and my class-mate education too. I liked his comments in the board, but when he tries to draw on the board, “I’m sorry” but please don’t try to draw again you don’t have the ability. In on the other hand, I the way you teach. I did learn a lot of techniques that I would use in writing later in life, and through my education while working on my degree in ‘Mechanical Engineering”. I learned how to use the library in getting sources of information to make my research more convincing.

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I also learned that in researching we can have interview with higher figures of authority in the area or field we would be writing about. We can use the “Internet” and its various websites to support our information. Last but not least, I learned how to write correct English as far as vocabulary and grammar are concerned, and how to organize our cited works or bibliography. As a whole, the class was an excellent way to learn all the above necessary tools. Summing up, it was a great learning experience, and I would like to thank our teacher, Paul DeMarte, who worked hard in showing us the ropes. Kudos to Paul!