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I will, in the followers, discourse the subject of autonomy in the above-named texts. But what precisely is autonomy? In his 1841 publication called Essays, Ralph Waldo Emerson includes an essay merely entitled Self-Reliance in which he states & # 8220 ; Trust thyself & # 8230 ; Great work forces have ever done so and confided themselves childlike to the mastermind of their age & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; . Autonomy is therefore defined as the ability to be your ain maestro and to seek your ain fortune free from influences from your milieus.

Hawthorne wrote Young Goodman Brown in 1835, some 6 old ages before Emerson & # 8217 ; s Autonomy. Still it is obvious from the text that the impression of autonomy was, if non named, really much alive. In the text we encounter Goodman Brown & # 8211 ; a pious Puritan colonist & # 8211 ; as he embarks on a unusual and parlous journey into the forests environing the colony. Hawthorne, being a rough critic of the puritan society from which he himself derived, uses the narrative as an fable, a metaphor, for the necessity of confronting your internal devils and making it entirely. The Puritans believed that the wilderness was the place of the Satan and his minions ( Indians, wild animals and the similar ) and

as such was a topographic point to be shunned. Still, Goodman Brown leaves behind his devoted and maiden-

like married woman ( suitably named Faith ) and walks off. In the forests he encounters a adult male with characteristics remarkably like his ain ( it is himself, his devil within ) that guides him to a topographic point of evil worship. Goodman Brown has visions of unthinkable immorality that leaves him paranoid and unable to experience felicity for the balance of his life. Because he has succumbed to fear of failure, he fails. But why does he neglect that manner? Simple. Goodman Brown fails to swear in himself. Alternatively he leaves his mental good being in the custodies of the community from which he comes. To the Puritans the person head was delicate and prone to heresy if tempted. Merely united did they stand a opportunity against the eternal enticements of the Satan. This is precisely the impression against which Hawthorne rebellions. Had Goodman Brown had the self-control and the self-esteem necessary, he would hold prevailed. With the ability to swear in one-self comes the ability to cover with any job that life might throw in 1s manner, even the enticements of the psyche. Therefore we see the thought of autonomy crawling into position.

Samuel L. Clemens foremost published The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in 1884, a clip where the thought of autonomy was steadfastly established in the heads of the American people. The storyteller and chief supporter Huck Finn is a immature male child already introduced to the populace in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer ( 1876 ) in which Huck is a runaway. He lives in an old barrel free of all duties and is by and large a happy male child. As Tom Sawyer progresses the male childs help happen a set of highjackers, acquire them arrested and punished, and go rich in the procedure. Huck gets himself adopted by the Widow Douglas and this is where we encounter him in the beginning of Huckleberry Finn. Although he has been given everything the society deemed appropriate at the clip ( i.e. a household, a place etc. ) Huck finds himself uncomfortable in his new vesture, unable to conform to

rigorous house regulations enforced upon him by the widow ( “…The widow rung a bell for supper, and you had to come to time…” ) . He by and large misses the old yearss when he and Tom would roll about making what they pleased. It is obvious that Clemens infuses Huck with his ain thoughts of freedom and itchy feet as something really positive. In fact it is about certain that without these qualities Huck would ne’er hold survived to this point. As the narrative advances we encounter Huck’s male parent: A violent rummy with a monolithic lower status complex towards everybody. He was the ground that Huck ran off and found his barrel in the first topographic point and he is the lone individual that Huck genuinely fears. On the other manus he is his male parent and deep down Huck wants for them to hold a normal life together. At

his reappearance, Huck & # 8217 ; s father takes Huck off to a cabin by the river where they can populate together. He does this, as Huck is the lone individual that he can bully around in the manner that he feels society toughs him about. In the fact that he survives besides this brush with his male parent and that he is even capable of pardoning the workss of this evil adult male to some grade, Huck emerges as an prototype of autonomy. Without his innate ability to cover with the tests posed against him, Huck would hold succumbed to the abrasiveness of the universe. This incarnation of autonomy is possibly even more apparent in Huck & # 8217 ; s relationship with Tom. Tom Sawyer is a dreamer. Always scheming, ever on the sentinel for escapade, Tom & # 8217 ; s merely associate to the existent universe is the dry observations of Huck, who & # 8211 ; because of his autonomy & # 8211 ; merely knows what can and can non be done in world. Having said this it should besides be mentioned that Huck personifies a much more humanist position of autonomy than is presented to us in the essays of R.W. Emerson. Emerson states that: & # 8220 ; & # 8230 ; make non state me & # 8230 ; of my duty to set all hapless work forces in good state of affairss. Are they my hapless? & # 8230 ; I grudge the dollar, the dime, the cent I give to such work forces & # 8230 ; I shall hold the manhood to withhold. & # 8221 ; This is constantly in struggle with the manner Huck behaves throughout the book, notably towards old Jim. But I however feel confident in claiming that Huck to some extent is self-reliance incarnate.

In comparing I feel that these 2 texts read with the overall subject of autonomy in head goes to demo that this doctrine did non originate from one twenty-four hours to the other. It easy formed itself at the base of the American civilization and literature in peculiar played a cardinal portion in this manifestation. Autonomy defined the idea of American exceptionalism to the point where it gave birth to the American dream. Literature was itself influenced by these developments, but it besides helped foster them by distributing the above-named impressions to the common people. In any instance the 2 texts are among the best American literature I have of all time read.

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