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September 11 Essay, Research Paper

Today? s armed forces has seen legion alterations that have taken topographic point since Sept. 11 2001. Why is it before the 11th of September, the people that the military protects was fundamentally maligning and seting us down? Why are they so proud to beckon the American flag? Why wasn? t the flag flown high with pride before the 11th of September? It amazes the military because flags are frequently flown when terrorist? s Acts of the Apostless take topographic point and non when there is constitutional freedom.

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Why is it before the September 11th incident, the people that the military protects was fundamentally maligning and seting us down? They sit there and say that we are non fit to contend and non able to protect them. But what would they cognize? They don? Ts wake up every forenoon and set on this unvarying. Merely because they can? t see us protecting them, doesn? t needfully mean that we are non. Why do we have people over in Korea, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, and etc? Are we merely blowing our clip and non protecting anything or anyone? Why do you believe their butts are still free? Freedom doesn? t come free! Peoples really give their lives and freedom by giving up our constitutional rights. One thing that we learned with the September 11th is what sort of people we are protecting and how they think about the people in unvarying. But as you can see we didn? t Lashkar-e-Taiba that acquire in our manner, it merely pissed us off a small.

We are still protecting the same people that dared badmouth us and speak us down. What does that state for the armed forces?

Why are they so proud to beckon the American flag? They ne’er waved it with pride before the September 11th. The lone people who waved the American flag with pride was the Military. We stand through the difficult times and the good times. As I travel today I can? t travel far with out seeing a auto or porch out fitted with T

he red, white, and blue. I must inquire how much clip and idea was spent sing what the symbol of freedom truly means and the duties to the Americans. They eventually recognizing what the armed forces does and stands for? To bad we know that after this all dies down the armed forces will still be beckoning the American flag with pride and award. But what can we state about the American people? What can the Americans say about the symbol of the American flag? They didn? T know what the symbol was before, so what makes them think they will when this is all said and done?

Why wasn? t the flag flown high with pride before September 11th? Even though our young persons are put on the lining their lives for freedom, I had audacity to be critical of our state. Even though pupils are taught in school about the American revolution and civilization, it is still widely emphasized that fall ining the military and being a portion of award, pride, trueness, has ever been down graded by the New American epoch. Young soldiers have frequently found out about the qualities through the military and non their parents.

These new American parents should besides hold been taught how to wing the American flag high and with pride merely like their soldiers are taught in the military. Flags flown high shouldn? Ts have to be flown high because of a terrorists act ; the American people should already cognize how of import the American flag is.

What I have learned despite flag elevation, memorials, and awards there are still those who still wear? t believe in the military and what they fight for. As you can see some still don? T know what the American flag stands for or the symbol it gives to the military and the Americans. Even though most states don? Ts have constitutional rights, civil rights, and adult females rights they have more pride for their state flag than the Americans could of all time hold!