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Seriess And Paralel Circuits Essay, Research PaperOhm & # 8217 ; s jurisprudence provinces that current in a opposition varies in direct proportion to voltage applied and reciprocally relative to resistance.It is the relationship between electromotive force, current, and opposition. ( V=IR ) When more so one resistance is connected to a circuit they can be in either series or parallel forms.

A series circuit is one that the constituents are affiliated terminal to stop so that current has merely one way to follow through the circuit. In a series the current come ining each resistance is the same therefore with similar opposition.I1 = I2 = I3Veq = V1 + V2 + V3Req = R1 + R2 + R3A parallel circuit is one that is an electrical circuit with two or more opposition units so wired as to allow current to flux through both units at the same clip. Unlike the series circuit, the current in the parallel circuit does non hold to go through through one unit to make the other.

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For parallel the current through each resistance is equal to the amount of the current.Ieq = I1 + I2 + I3Veq = V1 + V2 + V31/Req = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3A combination circuit is one that consists of a combination of series and parallel circuits on one circuit. In paralle.

I is larger because current through each resistance has to be added to find Ieq. In series the entire current is equal to the current traveling through each single resistance. For the analogue, series combination, the current for the parallel resistances is equal to the current traveling through the series resistances.ResistorsR1 53 x 10 + 5 % 53.3R2 15 x 10 + 5 % 149.2R3 39 x 10 + 5 % 387Fake0 % series A = 6.

791 maparallel A = 112.7 macombo A = 24.91 mameasured variable resistor at 93.4 ohmsexperimental0 % series = 6.74 maparallel = 38.85 mA error done by Dr. Anderson, non connected decently tovariable resistor and ammeter.

Combo = 25.97 maResistance measured off of Ammeter10A = .2 ohms40mA = 11 ohmsSeriessResistor beforvitamin E R1 6.52mABetween R1 and R2 6.54 maBetween R2 and R3 6.

48mAAfter R3 6.45mA6.52 R1 6.54 R2 6.48 R3 6.45Decrease in opposition due to the resistances internal opposition.AnaloguesR1 before 38.99mABefore R1 26.

95 ma = afterBefore R2 10.32mA = afterBefore R1 4.13mA = afterBefore and after are equal.

Goes back into variable resistor at 38.88mA26.95 R1 26.9538..9 10.32 R2 10.32 38.

884.13 R3 4.13Although the current entrance and go forthing the resistances is the same, there should be a little bead due to the internal opposition of the resistances. This can be seen from the differing values of the current entrance and go forthing the parallel group of resistances.CombinationPotential difference 3.

692vCurrent of full circuit 0.023mACurrent = 0.239mAR2, R3 = 163.4 ohmsR1, R2, R3 =218.

4 ohmsThe combination consists of a parallel and a series connexion all on the same circuit.Our consequences proved Ohm & # 8217 ; s jurisprudence. The consequences came out to turn out that electromotive force is equal to current multiplied by opposition. If by any opportunity our consequences wouldn & # 8217 ; Ts have come out, so this would most likely be due to the fact that we used old wires such as the gator gator or the banana gator wires in the circuit. This could besides be due to a faulty variable resistor.

The connexion of the circuit could be done incorrect. Another factor that could impact the reading could be holding a bad switch in the circuit. This could throw off the whole reading. In order to better our consequences we could do certain to utilize a properly working variable resistor, trade name new wires, have our circuits doule checked by the teacher to do certain they are connected right, and besides do certain that the switch is in proper working order.

If we were to make the whole experiment once more merely to see if the consequences would be different because of a faulty switch, we could put up the circuit precisely every bit stated in the lab manual merely this clip without a switch in topographic point. This would let full connexion throughout the circuit without holding to worry about a faulty switch.