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Environmental problems are our greatest concern in the world today. The world is under a threat if this situation is not rectified early enough to curb it. Global warming is one of greatest environmental problem that gives scientists sleepless nights trying to come up with ways of dealing with the situation. It is brought about by depleting of the ozone layer. This is caused by green house effects and unless people come up together to address the environmental problem, there is not guarantee of health life in future.

This paper discusses some of the environmental problems that have caused disasters in the United States.It also discusses on the various strategies that ought to be implemented by the government, business community and even individual members of the society to curb these environmental problem. Environmental problems that locked United States are deforestation and water pollution among others. The paper discusses what caused the environmental problems and comes up with strategies that can be implemented to curb the situation. The paper final discusses a water pollution situation that occurred in North Carolina as result of a military storage that released jet fuel to the environment.Serious Environmental Problems The world today is experiencing serious threat as a result to environmental degradation and unless measures are taken, we will not have a conducive environment in the near future. The environmental problems have not only affected human beings but there is also a serious threat to our wild animals.

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Our environment is at risk of due to deforestation, water pollution, overpopulation, misuse of pesticide and wildlife extinction. Many nations in the world have seen the seriousness in the environmental pollution and they are coming up with new measure to curb this problem.Deforestation is one of the main sources of environmental degradation in the world. People have been clearing land in search of land for farming, timber for building, settlement areas and charcoal burning.

They do not know the kind of a risk they put their environment at when they cut down the trees. In the United Sates for example, deforestation has really affected the country’s ecosystem to a point that if this issue is not taken up serious, our ecosystem will be greatly affected. Previously, the more than half of the country’s land was occupied by forests.

This was before the European-Americans arrived in the country. Later on as the population increased, more land was cleared to give room for cultivation land. The tread for clearing of the land was such that for every person added to the population, one or two acres of land were required for cultivation. The tread stopped, 1920 when the demand for more land for cultivation did not increase with population growth. The deforestation problem was caused by people who wanted land to engage in an economic activity – farming in order to earn a living.As population increased, more and more land was cleared in order to provide an economic activity for that person and also to produce food for the increased population. In order to reduce the deforestation in the country, measures ought to be taken by the government, individual, business communities and non governmental organizations.

In order to lessen the impact of deforestation, the following measure should be undertaken: People should be trained in other areas of economic development so that they can divert their mind that farming is the only economic activities they can rely on.By so doing, we will not only reduce deforestation, but we will help our people to engage in an economic activity that is more productive than farming. Education is the key for development and ensuring that all people attend school, we ensure that in future they be responsible people in the society in terms with the development activities they will undertake. For this case, they will not go back to clear more land for cultivation in order for them to engage in farming like may be their parents. Some of the economic activities people should engage in instead of clearing more land for cultivation are fishing, mining, white collar jobs etc.

Another strategy that we could implement to ensure that deforestation does not continue in our forest is education farmers on proper method of farming so that their land can become more productive. People have a mentality the more land you cultivate, the more yields you will get in the end. This should not be the case, since the fertility of the land is the one that determine the produce one will get.

For this case, better methods of farming should be introduced to the farmers so that they land can become productive thereby producing better yield.By introducing better seedling for our farms, we ensure that they will have more yields and there will be no need of clearing more land for cultivation. For this case, the ministry concerned with agriculture should be urged to work hand in hand with other organization so as to produce better seedlings for our farms. Another measure that should be undertaken to ensure the issue of deforestation cease from our country is to ensure the enactment of a deforestation bill. A bill to protect our forest should be passed to ensure there is a law that protects our forests.People should be aware that, for every one tree one cut, he should plant at least two. We should also state in our deforestation bill that even if one is cutting a tree at his land, he should seek necessary permission to do so and that new trees have been planted.

When it comes to those who rear livestock as a form of economic activities, they should ensure that they practice zero grazing. This will ensure that, just a small piece of land will be utilized for cattle rearing, thereby ensuring that our forest will not be cleared.Reforestation is another strategy that can be implemented to ensure that those trees that were cut are replanted back.

The government should ensure that every one who is between the age of eleven and sixty plant at least three to five trees per year. This was a strategy that was implemented in China and it worked. Since the reforestation strategy was implemented in China, the government claimed that one billion trees are planted every year.

Most of the country’s forests have been destroyed by fire that burns up the forest. For this case, measure should be taken to ensure that our forest do not burn up.Settlement near the forest should be condemned as those people are the ones who cause fire disasters to our forests. There should also be a ready fire extinguisher services to ensure that any fire disaster is taken care of when it occurs. Another environmental problem that has been of concern by the United States governments is water pollution. According to World Health Organization (WHO), it is estimated that water related disease causes the highest deaths in the world.

For this case, measures should be taken to not only reduce deaths but also to ensure that adequate clean water is available for our people.Sanitation facilities also loom to cause environmental degradation in our land and this should be avoided to guarantee good health to our people. Water borne diseases such as cholera, dysentery and typhoid are the second diseases that cause the highest deaths especially to children. Many people in the world do not have access to adequate clean water and United States is not an exception. Since water pollution is caused by harmful deposits that get their way to our sources of water, they should be avoided to curb this problem.

Most of these deposits come from a leaking sanitation facility hence; we ought to ensure that those facilities are sealed off properly. We should also ensure that garbage collection is highly maintained to ensure that hygiene is maintained high level. All waste materials should not find their way to sources of water like rivers. For this case, the government should ensure that all industrial have a disposable waste management policy before they are licensed to go ahead with their activities. By so doing, we will ensure that we will have not only have a clean environment to live in but also adequate clean water.In North Carolina, there was an environment problem that locked up the area but was later on dealt with and the situation is back to normal.

A military storage facility that stored fuel, released 80,000 galloons of jet fuel into the environment. This oil caused a lot of environmental degradation to the soil as it even reached the water table. The ground water carried the toxic materials found on oil to the nearby areas and this caused water pollution to the whole areas. Drinking water was not clean and also the land was no longer fertile.The situation was to be rectified urgently to ensure more harms would be reduced to curb the situation. They had to come up with a strategy to ensure that contaminated water does not find their way to the rivers.

For this case, they had to apply bioremediation technology to ensure that these toxic substances are removed from the soil. This was a result of a study that was conducted at U. S. Geological Survey (USGS). The study shown that toxic compound found fuel can be converted to carbon dioxide that is less harmless to human beings.To reduce the contamination further, the study showed that they would stimulate the biodegradation by adding more nutrients to our soil. This in turn increased the rate of biodegradation and in turn reduced the effects of the toxic chemical found in oil.

At the end of it all, the toxic substances found in fuel was contained and there was no further environmental degradation. Currently, we have adequate clean water and the residents are no longer worrying about their health as a result of drinking water. If measures had not been taken to remove fuel toxic substances from the soil, they would have caused more harm to human beings.