I chose to finish my service acquisition hours at the Quantum House. It is an organisation located on 45th street behind St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach. FL. The Quantum House is a supportive place where households can remain while a member of their household is being treated nearby. The Quantum House offers all repasts.

lodging. and amusement during the full stay. The households are asked to pay 35 dollars per twenty-four hours. but it is ne’er forced if the household is unable to pay. At the centre they have a drama room. a household wash room.

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dual kitchen. dining country. life room. a back porch. a garden and an out-of-door resort area.

Each room is equipped merely as a hotel is with a private bathroom in each. They are spread outing to add more suites and a larger kitchen and dining. but for now they are able to suit 10 households.During my service there were nine households remaining at the house. All toilet articless and kitchen supplies are offered. each room is labeled by different names.

such as ‘Hibiscus’ and corresponds with their ain kitchen cabinet for their personal kitchen/pantry points. and their ain shelf labeled in the icebox. All of their repasts they provide are either donated by eating houses or made by persons in the kitchen or at their ain kitchen and brought into the Quantum House to function to the households remaining. While I was making my service.

they were holding leftovers from the old dark ( Meleagris gallopavo. sweet potato mash. jambon with broiled Ananas comosus. and rice with ruddy beans ) donated from Cafe Boulud.The Quantum House is an astonishing organisation. The feeling inside the place was so warm and welcoming. The households remaining there were really nice and it felt as if they were a large household because they all have a similar state of affairs.

What I did at the Quantum House while volunteering is after geting at 10:30am. I met Megan Lewis. voluntary manager. and she gave me a circuit of the Quantum House and even allow me tour the lone unoccupied room. She so brought me into the supply room and handed me a big dry erase board to look into off jobs to finish for the twenty-four hours.

A few cleansing activities I completed today were hoovering. brushing. cleaning the kitchen/dining/playroom. Windowss. etc. While cleaning.

the childs came up to me and insisted on ‘helping’ me by seeking to hoover and keep the cord for me. All of the kids I saw today had an external fixator device on their leg so I was nervous about them assisting because I did non desire them to acquire hurt.The Quantum House is an first-class resource available to the community and I believe there should be more houses in different countries. I think Quantum House is critical to the community. There is a web site for the Quantum House: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. quantumhouse. org/ . At this web site there is information about the mission of the Quantum House.

success narratives. a referral signifier to subscribe up to remain at the house. an e-card transmitter available for the populace to direct pick me ups to the households. events. voluntary information/sign up/ activities.

contribution information. and contact information. This resource can assist households in demand of more information about the Quantum House or for others who would wish to lend to the Quantum House.This bureau is a great impact on the community by assisting out households in demand during difficult times. On the web site they make it clear that a household will ne’er be turned away if they are unable to give the 35 dollars per dark fee.

Having cooked repasts ready for the households. amusement for kids and grownups and a topographic point to remain nearby intervention installations help households vastly. If a household needed intervention at St. Mary’s Medical Center.

for illustration. and lives in Stuart. FL if they had to go that far daily.

it would set a serious strain on clip and disbursals