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Settings Of Jane Eyre Essay, Research Paper

The Settings of Jane Eyre

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Throughout Jane Eyre, as Jane herself moves from one physical location to

another, the scenes in which she finds herself vary well. Bronte makes the most

of this necessity by carefully set uping those scenes to fit the differing

fortunes Jane finds herself in at each. As Jane grows older and her hopes and

dreams change, the scenes she finds herself in are absolutely attuned to her province of head,

but her fortunes are ever defined by the walls, existent and nonliteral, around her.

As a immature miss, she is basically trapped in Gateshead. This straggling house is

about her whole universe. Jane has been here for most of her 10 old ages. Her life as a kid

is aggressively defined by the walls of the house. She is non made to experience wanted within them

and continues throughout the novel to tie in Gateshead with the emotional injury of

turning up under its & # 8220 ; hostile roof with a desperate and embittered heart. & # 8221 ; Gateshead, the

foremost scene is a really nice house, though non much of a place. As she is invariably

reminded by John Reed, Jane is simply a dependant here.

When she eventually leaves for Lowood, as she remembers subsequently, it is with a & # 8220 ; sense of

lawlessness and about of reprobation. & # 8221 ; Lowood is a

fter all an establishment where the orphan

inmates or pupils go to larn. Whereas at Gateshead her physical demands were more than

adequately met, while her emotional demands were ignored. Here Jane finds people who

will love her and handle her with regard. Miss Temple and Helen Burns are rather likely

the first people to do Jane experience of import since Mr. Reed died. Except for Sunday

services, the misss of Lowood ne’er leave the confines of those walls. At Lowood, Jane

learns that cognition is the key to power. By larning, Jane earns greater regard and

finally, she becomes a instructor at that place, a place of comparative power, all the more so

compared to what she left buttocks at Gateshead. Jane stays inside the walls of Lowood

for eight old ages. She has learned a great trade but all she finds for herself, when she does

eventually make up one’s mind to go forth, is & # 8220 ; a new servitude. & # 8221 ; The thought that she might be free in an

boundless universe is non yet portion of her experience & # 8212 ; in a sense, it ne’er will be.

Once once more, Jane alterations puting and circumstance and into a universe that is

wholly new to her experience. Thornfield is in the unfastened state and Jane is free

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