Sexual Attitudes Essay, Research PaperSexual attitudes and the Changing TimessSexual attitudes have changed in the last 50 old ages, non so much sexual behaviour but societies attitude towards it.After the second World War and in the 1950 & # 8217 ; s sexual behaviour was a really forbidden topic and non openly discussed. Sexual activity was conducted behind closed doors and in the confines of matrimony. Sexual activity was chiefly for generative intents and pleasance was non that of import. When a adult female got pregnant outside of matrimony and the male parent was around they were made to get married ( shotgun marrying ) as this brought great shame on the household.

Adoption and single female parent s places were in being and the church usually ran these. Children born to these female parents were put up for acceptance. Church values were really strong and church leaders had a batch of say in the manner household life was conducted ( 3 ) .

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Alfred Kinsey in the USA conducted a major probe in the 1940 & # 8217 ; s and 1950 & # 8217 ; s of sexual behaviour and faced disapprobation from many spiritual organisations for being immoral. He persisted and finally obtained sexual life histories of 18,000 people. This showed a spread that can be between publically accepted attitudes and existent sexual behaviour ( 1 ) .Sexual attitudes had doubtless become more permissive over the last 30 old ages. The 1960 & # 8217 ; s brought openly declared attitudes more into line with the worlds of sexual behaviour. Social motions challenged the bing order of society.

The & # 8216 ; New Left & # 8217 ; and Hippie Lifestyles broke with bing sexual norms, free love and pre-martial sex was adopted in their civilizations. Drugs were available and many people lost their suppressions while under the influence ( 2 ) .In 1967 the Abortion Act entitled adult females to legal abortion on medical and societal evidences, although this was a really limited service on the NHS but many private clinics opened. This and the preventive pill played a great portion in adult females going more sexually adventuresome, as fright of going pregnant was taken off. Societies positions on abortion were really negative at the clip, and there are still really assorted attitudes on this topic ( 2 ) .The 1970 & # 8217 ; s and 1980 & # 8217 ; s marked alteration in the public perceptual experience of homophiles. High media profile of performing artists such as David Bowie and Quentin Crisp brought the thought of work forces have oning make up. A batch of sexual patterns and penchants were brought out into the unfastened & # 8211 ; singing, married woman swapping and transvestitism.

Many nines were started to suit this ( 2 ) .The biggest alteration in attitude to sexual behaviour came in the 1980 & # 8217 ; s and 1990 & # 8217 ; s. In the early 80 & # 8217 ; s merely when people s biass were get downing to set and accept the homosexual community along came mass media on AIDS. AIDS was foremost seen as a homosexual disease, and this made homosexual work forces stay in monogamous relationships. Media started to run on safvitamin E sex, and as more research grounds was gathered, straight persons were told that they were at hazard.

This lead people being more aware of their sexual behaviour or non worry and think “it will non go on to me” . Homosexuals are frequently seen as baleful by the ’straight’ community. Attitudes have changed in their perceptual experience of homosexuals with homosexual bars and nines in most large metropoliss. Lesbian communities are less organized and they tend to blend with the ’straight’ community more. Media has, with the plot lines in soap operas about homosexual and sapphic characters brought this life style into many places on telecasting where households can discourse the issues doing it easier for people to ‘come out ( 2 ) .

With people being more unfastened and discoursing sexual behaviour more, many childs are prosecuting in sexual pattern earlier. This leads to jobs, as their organic structure is ready but their heads are still immature. Teenage gestations seem to be the norm and society merely accepts this. The Government is seeking to relieve this job of teenage gestation by non apportioning a council house to teens under 18, if they can non remain with their household they will hold to remain in supervised inn adjustment. The teenage male parent will hold to pay child care every bit shortly as they start working. Sex instruction and duty will be taught in primary schools.

With this statute law they hope to cut the 90,000 teenage gestations in half by the following the decennary ( 3 ) .In film and theater scenes are shown which antecedently would hold been wholly unacceptable, while adult stuff is readily available to most grownups who wish to obtain it. Prostitutes have been around all the clip, but some have changed from adult females gaining a life to kids and drug nuts.

Some members of society have accepted that cocottes are about and besides will be ( it is one of the oldest professions ) and are runing to legalise it and centralise them in one country so that it can be decently controlled, instead so walking the streets and being in residential countries ( 2 ) .Although sexual behaviour has non truly changed through the old ages, attitudes have changed. Societies have gained in assurance in their sexual behaviour and societies are more acceptable of people s penchants.

Double criterions do still be but non every bit much as earlier. Pre-martial sex has risen, and some old fashioned values are get downing to re-emerge, as more is being discovered about sexual disease and society merely being able to do up their ain heads about their ain sexual behaviour ( 4 ) . While it is true that sexual behaviour ( Acts of the Apostless ) has non changed the moral attitude has.

What was one time hidden behind closed doors we can now watch on telecasting most every dark and every twenty-four hours on such shows as Jerry Springer. We all need healthy attitudes towards sex but I do non believe that telecasting is the healthiest manner to learn our kids