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Sexual Preference And The Military Essay, Research Paper

Homosexuality should non be a modification

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factor in US Army service. In this essay, three points of position will be

examined: why homophiles have been excluded from the Army in the yesteryear,

what are the beginnings of the Army & # 8217 ; s current stance on the issue, and what

conditions must happen before sexual penchant can be discounted in the

appraisal of Army forces. It is the sentiment of this author that, irrespective

of any virtue it may hold had in the yesteryear, the Army & # 8217 ; s current place on

homosexualism is an illustration of taking the easy incorrect over the difficult right.

In the yesteryear, a ample part of the Army

was a conscripted force & # 8211 ; soldiers were either drafted into service or

sent by the tribunals for dodging the bill of exchange. After WWI, the size of the Army

fell to merely about 200,000 forces. When WWII broke out, and the ranks

of the Army had to be filled-out once more from the general population, a more

selective procedure was adopted. An statement against the muster of

openly homosexual males was made based on the findings of a particular commission

of the American Psychological Association ( APA ) . Through their research,

they had determined that Acts of the Apostless of open homosexual behaviour were damaging

to unit coherence. The advocates of this position argued, and justly so, that

in an organisation where a units degree of professionalism could intend the

difference between life and decease, any relationships, such as those that

necessarily consequence from romantic interaction, that would gnaw a unit & # 8217 ; s

professional ambiance were non merely inappropriate but unsafe. To cite

the 1981 version of the directive ( DOD Directive 1332.14 ) :

& # 8220 ; The presence of such members [ homophiles ]

adversely affects the ability of the armed forces to keep subject,

good order, and morale ; to further common trust and assurance among service

members ; to see the unity of the system of rank and bid ; to

facilitate assignment and world-wide deployment of service members who often

must populate and work under close conditions affording minimum privateness ; to

recruit and retain members of the armed forces ; to keep the populace

acceptableness of military service ; and to forestall breaches of security. & # 8221 ;

Harmonizing to the statement, it was hence

necessary, in an epoch of compulsory service, to take safeguards against

such happenings. However, one will observe the incompatibility between the

day of the month of the citation above and the terminal of conscripted service in the United

States ( ~1973 ) . The riddance of the bill of exchange and the creative activity of the & # 8220 ; All-Volunteer

Force & # 8221 ; ( AVF ) removed the basis of the statement against homosexualism

in the Army. In an ideal AVF, professionalism can be counted on to supplant

sexual orientation. In pattern, nevertheless, this has non been the instance. Although

/ & gt ;

DOD Directive 1332.14 was once more revised to allow & # 8220 ; closeted & # 8221 ; homophiles

to come in into service, the Army & # 8217 ; s current & # 8220 ; Don & # 8217 ; t Ask, Don & # 8217 ; t Tell & # 8221 ; policy

does non reflect the equity supposed in the ideal instance.

Alternatively, together with its comrade, & # 8220 ; Consideration

of Others & # 8221 ; ( CO2 ) , & # 8220 ; Don & # 8217 ; t Ask, Don & # 8217 ; t Tell & # 8221 ; prescribes turning away of the issue.

While it is a valid point that fraternisation within an organisation is

frequently damaging, these policies go beyond simple encouragement of a more

professional working clime, forbiding recognition of facts. These

policies assume that homosexual forces can non conceivably be professional

plenty non to convey their gender to the workplace.

By following policies of turning away, the

Army really sidesteps the issue all together. The world is that sexual

penchant does non needfully hold any consequence on the ability of a individual

to be a good soldier. Having established the AVF and touted its focal point on

professionalism, it is contradictory to presume that, based on no other

information than sexual penchant, one will non act in a professional

mode. If this was to be the instance, so no female should of all time be placed

in bid of a mostly male company. It must be understood, nevertheless, that

these policies are lone contemplations of society & # 8217 ; s position of homosexualism,

and no ordinance or directive in being can alter person & # 8217 ; s attitude.

It is still perceived as a extremist life style in this state, and as such

it is at best a sensitive issue to seek to mix into philosophy and

at worst immense political job. Still, this is a practical justification

and non an ethical one.

The Army must be concerned with practicality,

but has claimed since the Geneva Convention and particularly in recent old ages,

to be a bastion of ethical behaviour. Based strictly on ethical criterions,

it is incorrect to forestall people of a homosexual orientation from come ining

into military service or to dispatch them one time they have admitted to such

dispositions. In world, ethical criterions are non the lone consideration

the Army makes when following policy. For logistical grounds, many of the

Army & # 8217 ; s installings are located in rural locations where tolerance and

progressive thoughts are non needfully widespread.

Besides, a good part of the Army comes

from these really countries. While these may be hapless alibis for the ethician,

the matter-of-fact understands wholly.

The Army is non a political establishment,

but it must but capable to the switching air currents of political relations. Because it is

foremost and foremost mission oriented instead than politically motivated,

its disposal must sometimes do matter-of-fact determinations that are non

needfully ethical. Merely when popular political relations has accepted homosexualism

into its crease will the Army be able to move ethically on this issue.