Sexually Transmitted Diseases Essay, Research PaperAIDS, herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and pox, merely a few of the many sexually familial diseases that are now so really common among today s young person. Some of them are more serious than others but all of them are a turning concern. Most are curable with a few interventions and trips to the physician but among the more serious are AIDS and herpes. As we progress in engineering, and merely about everything else in society we besides find our adolescents come oning more quickly and with this comes concerns that scare us all to speak about Lashkar-e-Taiba entirely cover with.Today one in every four sexually active teens has a sexually familial disease. ( Witmer ) I am composing this paper non merely because I have to in order to graduate, but besides to educate people, particularly people my age about sexually trans-mitted diseases and merely how really serious they truly are.Acquired immune deficiency syndromeBy far the most serious of all sexually transmitted diseases is AIDS.

Today it is found that one in every four sexually active adolescents is infected with HIV or worse yet, full blown AIDS. ( Witmer )It is about impossible to cognize you ve been infected with HIV or AIDS because the virus can put dormant for so long without demoing any symptoms. This is why it is so easy to distribute.

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Although there are interventions to ease the agony of AIDS patients, there is no remedy. More than 600,000 instances of AIDS have been reported in the United States since 1981, and every bit many as 900,000 Americans have been infected with HIV. ( Witmer )The most common spread of HIV is through sexual contact with an septic spouse. Because the virus is so little it can come in the organic structure through about any sort of sexual contact. HIV was besides spread by blood transfusions given before 1985.

This is now a much less likely cause though because of all the testing and showing that is done on blood used for transfusions now. Another group of people who should worry about con-tracting HIV is IV drug users that portion acerate leafs. ( Merge with Caution ) Unborn babes are besides at hazard if their female parents are infected with HIV or AIDS. Besides holding another STD such as gonorrhoea or chlamydia can do person more susceptible to undertaking HIV through sex with an septic spouse. ( Witmer )Although most people don Ts have any symptoms when they foremost get HIV, some get a flu-like virus a month or two after contact. ( Teens Talk about HIV & A ; AIDS ) More noticeable symptoms will sometimes take over 10 old ages to come up.

This is why it is so of import to acquire tested if you are sexually promiscuous or if you think you may be at hazard for any ground. One of the more terrible and physical symptoms is a painful lesion that erupts into ulcerations in the venereal country. ( Check, 24 )Part of the symptoms of AIDS is going more susceptible to other diseases and viruses ; this is because AIDS interruptions down your immune system, therefore the name, acquired immune lack syndrome. ( Witmer )Since there is no vaccinum for HIV the lone manner to forestall it is to be careful. Always look out for yourself. You can t count on anyone to be wholly honorable. Particularly with something like a sexually familial disease.

Even though they are atrocious and really serious, many people are excessively abashed to acknowledge that they have them, and won Ts tell their spouses that they re infected. So following clip you re watching a show about people with HIV and AIDS on Television and you start to experience sorry for the individual, remind your-self that that could be you. ( Witmer )This chart illustrates groups of striplings that are at high hazard of undertaking HIV. It shows how many males and females already have contracted it and how many have matured AIDS now. I got this chart from A web site used to educate adolescents and everyone about sexually familial diseases. ( Witmer )Adolescent exposure classAIDS HIVMale Female Male FemaleWork force who have sex with work forces 680 0 817 0Injecting drug user 125 181 93 146Work force who have sex with work forces and shoot drugs 101 0 94 0Hemophilia/ curdling disor-der 734 10 104 0Heterosexual contact: 73 673 123 983Sexual activity with injecting drug user 20 248 21 210Sexual activity with bisexual male 0 35 0 68Sexual activity with individual with hemo-philia 1 13 2 16Sexual activity with transfusion receiver with HIV infection 0 2 1 4Sexual activity with HIV-infected individual, hazard non specified 52 375 99 685Receipt of blood transfusion blood constituents or weave 85 85 9 14Other/risk non identified 220 335 523 944( Witmer )HerpessWhat is venereal herpes? Herpes is another sexually transmitted disease that is going more and more common particularly among sexually active adolescents.

The her-pes simplex virus causes herpes. There are two types of this STD that you have to worry approximately. ( Witmer )The first 1 is unwritten herpes ; this is signified by febrility blisters on the oral cavity and face. Yes, this means cold sores excessively.

( Teens and HIV & A ; other STDs ) Cold sores are besides a signifier of Type 1 herpes. ( Sacks, 58 ) Symptoms are non ever at that place though. Some people that are infected bashs have eruptions, but because this isn T true for everyone. You must be excess careful when protecting your-self from this STD.

( Witmer )HSV-type 2 is venereal herpes. This is besides frequently inactive. Most of the people who have it don t even realize it themselves. Blisters signify type 2 besides but on the venereal country. Both types of herpes are serious and one time you get either of them, you have it for life. ( Witmer )In a recent survey it was shown that 45 million people ages 12 and older, or one out of five of the stripling and grownup population is infected with one type of herpes or the other.

More females besides have herpes because it is easier for male to female transmittal of the virus. ( Witmer )There is no remedy for herpes but there are interventions. You may see commercialsfor some of these on Television. These antiviral medicines help stamp down herpes by forestalling eruptions.

( Witmer )Because there is no remedy for herpes and it can be spread even if you use protec-tion, by snoging and any sexual contact, you have to be really careful. Don T be promiscuous and cognize you re with. ( Witmer )ChlamydiaThe sexually familial disease chlamydia is caused by the bacteriums chlamydia trachomatis. ( STD Don T Risk It )Chlamydia is another sexually transmitted disease that frequently goes unnoticed and hence untreated. Out of all the septic people 75 % of adult females and 50 % of work forces exhibit no symptoms ( Marr, 125 ) . Like many of the other sexually transmitted diseases that frequently go untreated because they remain hibernating, Chlamydia can do some serious jobs.

Particularly down the route, and particularly for adult females. ( Witmer ) When chlamydia is found though it is easy treated and cured. This is why it is so unfortunate when people don t notice it and allow it travel. The jobs for people with this disease that don t realize they have it are really terrible. ( STD Don T Risk It )One of the most common jobs that is found among the infected is PID. This is pelvic inflammatory disease.

( Crawford, 942 ) This is a great cause of sterility, and sometimes-fatal tubal gestation. 40 % of adult females with untreated chlamydia will come down with PID. 20 % of these adult females will go sterile, 18 % will hold enfeebling chronic pelvic hurting, and 9 % will hold tubal gestation. This is the taking cause of first trimester ; gestation related deceases in American adult females. Other jobs created from pregnant adult females with untreated chlamydia ensuing in PID are neonatal pinkeye and pneumonia. Chlamydia besides increases a adult female s opportunities of geting HIV by 3 to 5 crease if they re exposed to the virus. ( Witmer )It s besides common to happen chlamydia in adolescent males.

If they let chlamydia travel untreated for whatever grounds it could ensue in urethral infection or swollen and stamp testiss. Although this may non sound every bit terrible as the jobs that adult females can hold it is still really serious and should be taken that manner. ( Witmer )Chlamydia is besides the most often reported infective disease in the U.S. It is thought that around 3 million instances occur yearly. In 1997, merely 526,653 instances were reported which is a far call from 3 million. That merely goes to exemplify how many instances of chlamydia spell unnoticed, and unreported, and hence untreated.

( Witmer )So who is most likely to acquire chlamydia? Well the study says that teenage misss have the highest rates of the infection. 15-19 twelvemonth olds hold the highest per centum with a astonishing 46 % . It is besides normally found among the economically unstable immature adult females that are between the ages of 16 and 24. ( Witmer )Although chlamydia is treatable and curable it is really rarely noticed. So this means that you should acquire tested at least every 6 months if you feel you are at hazard for this or any other sexually transmitted diseases. You ll be assisting yourself, and countless others in the long tally.GonorrheaWhat is gonorrhea? Gonorrhea besides known as the trickle, is a sexually familial disease caused by the bacteriums Neiserria gonorrhoea.

( Teens and HIV & A ; other STDs )This STD is most frequently found in people between the ages of 15 and 30 that have had multiple spouses. This age class once more includes us in its highest per centum of people undertaking this disease. Luckily gonorrhoea is one of the sexually transmitted dis-ease that does hold symptoms that are normally reasonably prevailing. This doesn T make it any more attractive though or any less of a concern. ( Witmer )Gonorrhea is normally characterized by a xanthous white discharge and firing while urinating in work forces. In adult females unnatural discharge, possible unnatural hemorrhage, and infections in the pharynx and rectum characterize it. Because of all these symptoms though it s more easy recognized in clip to acquire the proper attending and intervention.

( Witmer )The symptoms of gonorrhoea appear 7 to 10 yearss after holding sex with the septic individual. ( Tseng, 78 ) At the most it can take up to 30 yearss for symptoms to demo up. Sometimes symptoms aren t prevalent in misss either.

If this is the instance and it goes untreated PID, which was mentioned in chlamydia, can happen. In work forces if gonorrhoea goes untreated conceited testiss and phallus, arthritis, tegument jobs and organ infections can happen. ( Witmer )Although symptoms are normally rather noticeable after a short period of clip this is non the instance in all people.

Gonorrhea can besides do some of the terrible jobs chlamydia can so it is of import that you get tested. ( Witmer )There is nil we can make today to wholly halt kids from experimenting with sex. All we can make is draw together to educate our kids about what is out at that place and promote them to hold safe sex. Bing a adolescent today and cognizing the cold and rough world of what diseases are out there should be adequate to frighten the bloomerss on anyone. I know it is for me.

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