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Shakespeare, The great English man that improved The great chain of being mostly known for his great books, but the important thing now is The great chain of being made in the novel The divine order, The great chain of being was created to sort out the levels of importance and it also decreed by God, Shakespeare makes everything that exists on planet earth on The great chain of being because his list unlike another chain of beings, and respect all type of object and that is a fair way to put it even non-living things cause he believes that everything on earth has a reason to exist.Shakespeare did not want to kind of make jokes about the less fortunate being at the bottom of the list so instead he added non-living thing’s to The great chain of beingat first Shakespeare created a draft of The great chain of being which was  (King, the royal family, nobleman, merchants, servers, and farmers) but he decided to not publish it at one time he was and the button of the list and it was like he didn’t respect his past.but it wasn’t easy cause Shakespeare had a heavy thing on his shoulder holding him back.The people, at the time Shakespeare wasn’t as popular well he was but most of the people didn’t like his passion because they thought he was racist if he was not a psycho human cause he was creating weird novels about things that will never happen but he always had imagination by his side because he knew one day his novels will become popular.It was hard for Shakespeare to do any move cause even if he created book’s he won’t be able to publish them and also if he wanted to do a play he couldn’t cause the theatre boss doesn’t want his theatre to be trashed.But he had hope shakespeare always had a belief in The great chain of being he always wanted to make his own, and that people will support him. that’s why Shakespeare great chain of being standout than dross like that  Pharos their chain of being was only humans comparing successful humans with less fortunate humans.  it only makes sense because Shakespeare always wanted to stand out than others and he always wanted tomato reading fun and challenge and inspirational and he always wanted to be fair while doing it and The great chain of being was the to thatand that brings me to my last point. Shakespeare makes everything that exists on planet earth or every god myth and reality of an imperative thing on the list of The great chain of being and that’s an imperative thing to do cause it’s appreciative and responsible to do As well as this he is trying to prevent racism or discrimination on planet earth and what a small Chain of being can do it fascinatingPoint EvidenceExplanation