On June 15, 2010, I woke up to my mom yelling, “Congratulations, baby girl.

” Right then I started to think back at my years of schooling. When I was younger I started my studying in Kindergarten. Then, I continue to gain my grades for years, and finish my basic studying my twelfth grade year.

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Like other students I was pretty excited about passing my senior year in high school, and the ceremony of my graduation was a remarkable time that I could not forget. As soon as my mom walked out of my room I began to get ready for the most important moment of my life.I got up brushed my teeth, took a shower and started on my hair. I wanted to get my gown perfect so I decided I was going to steam it, once again. I started to do my hair when I get a phone call from a classmate. “Hello,” she said.

“Hey, Nicole what’s up? ” I replied. “Nothing I just wanted to let you know that some of us are meeting up in the gym lobby before the ceremony. ” “Ok, that’s fine I will call you when I am on my way. ” We hung and I proceeded with doing my hair.

I was getting a little frustrated with my hair, when my mom walked in. “Do you need some help, baby? ” she asked. Sure, when it comes down to you, I never turn down any help,” I replied. She started to grin. As we finished up my hair, I started to get a little nervous. Nothing this exciting has ever happened to before, besides having my daughter.I got dressed and told my mom that some of my classmates decided to meet up at school before the ceremony started. She was fine with everything, so I kissed her, my dad and my daughter and told them I would see them when they got to the school.

I arrived at the school about 10 minutes later and saw a couple of friends standing around so I went up to them. Hey, what’s up everyone? ” “Hey, Mary u made it, how is everything going”, one girl replied. “Everything is good; I just can’t believe we have finally made it.

” “Yeah, and to tell you the truth I am really proud of you because you had your little girl and still manage to graduate on time with us; so congratulations,” Nikki said. “Thanks Nikki, I had to prove to a lot of people that nothing should stop you from achieving your goals and that’s what I done. ” “You’re welcome girl and I understand you have to show people that anything is possible,” and we hugged.One of the teachers came over and told us that it was time to get line up with our name cards in hand and to start the ceremony.

Our time was finally here. We begin to line up and walk towards the gymnasium as quietly as possible. As we walked in unison, some of us stared to get anxious because we could hear the music starting to play. We walk in the gym and took our seats.

The principal stands up and we all began to clap and scream with joy, because we did not expect our principal to be there because, he was sent off a couple of weeks before to help with the Oil Spill in Louisiana.After everyone got quiet, our concert band begins to play “A Nation’s Prayer. ” After the song is done the principal states to the audience “We respectfully request that you remain quiet during this important event in our lives. Please hold your celebration until all names have been called and we present our class together as one,” and starts to introduce the speakers. Our assistant principal takes the time out to say how proud she is of everyone and congratulates us.

Now is it time for the Salutatorian and the Valedictorian to say their speeches and thank everyone that has helped them along the way.Awards and medals are handed to students that have participated in certain programs. Then it was time for the presentation of the diplomas. We all began to get a little anxious and can’t sit still in our seats.

My name was far from being called because my last name begins with a “S. ” I sat patiently as everyone name was called and as they received their diploma. It was finally my rows’ turn to stand up and head towards the stage. I could feel my heart beating rapidly in my chest. I could feel my palms beginning to sweat with my name card in hand. I could hear other students’ ame being called as I kept a steady pace walking behind the student in front of me. I could smell the yellow mums that were place on either side of the stage.

I started to feel nervous as thought it was the first day of school. As I approached the stage I could see white flashes from cameras in every direction. It seemed like the fourth of July. Then it was my time to shine.

My principal called my name, “Mary Ann Suggs” and I stepped forward to receive my diploma from the assistant principal. As I walked down the stairs back to my seat, I could feel a sudden relief come over me.I walked back to my seat; looked up into the bleachers and saw my family smiling from ear to ear. It is now for the Class of 2010 to sing our class song “The Alma Mater.

” Then it was time for me and my class to turn our tassels. As I reached for mine, I could taste my salty tears, pouring from my eyes. Now it is time for us to celebrate. Everyone begin to scream at the top of their lungs and some were even crying. The thought of me finally graduating put a huge smile upon my face. After everything was over, I ran to my family with tears of joy in my eyes.

It felt like my mom was never going to let me go. I am so proud of you baby, you finally did it,” she said. “Thanks mom, you know I had to show those people that put me down that I was going to make it and I wasn’t going to let having my baby stop me from graduating on time,” I replied. I gave my dad a hug and also my brother. I took one look at my daughter and begin to cry even harder. I felt like having her pushed me even harder to achieve my goal of graduating. I know that if I can have a baby in high school and still graduate on time then anyone can.

All you have to do is believe in yourself, be determined, have support and the motivation and you will succeed, because I know I did.