Last updated: April 27, 2019
Topic: EducationTeaching
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Yes. They should be allowed in school.

Used in class, yes. They must have it on vibrator thought and can’t answer it while a teacher is talking. And you can’t disturb you class.

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In other words, someone in “Twee tribune” believes that cell phones should be allowed in school but a good handle full of students believes that cell phones should not. Cell phones are an electronic device that is used to make mobile telephone calls across a wide geographic area. Teens use their cell phones a little bit differently. 94% call their friends, 76% text message, and 38% text message daily.

However, over the years technology has came up with some really cool apps in phones these days such as playing games or even browsing the internet. But the question is should cell phones be allowed in school? Many students and parents believe that cell phones should be allowed in school but the question is how well do you do in school while being able to use your cell phone. I bet that being able to use phones in school just makes us not pay attention when being thought a lesson or even simply remembering to do the homework we got assigned in class because we are to into our phones and just not pay attention to what was being said.Cell phones are nice to have yes. But do we care more about what’s going on this weekend or have an education? A lot of people complain that being able to use cell phones in school would help out with emergencies. Maggie Rowan states that “Cell phones should not be allowed in school because it would become too much of a distraction towards students” Anyone familiar should see that cell phones can become a distraction weather its calling, texting, or even playing a simple game.But many others believe that they can us their cell phone while a teacher is teaching a lesson and others won’t find it distracting but its only common that once a student sees his or her classmate with a cell phone the common thing to say is “put your phone away” when we know that were not trying to bust each other out but the phone is distracting.

Most kids would rather watch a classmate text rather than listening to the teacher talk about something not so interesting. Not only are kids using there cell phones to text but believe it or not their also using it as a way of cheating on a test.Phones can be used as cheating devices during exams. It’s not that hard to text a friend asking them for an answer on the test because you decided not to study for the test you had while you have been reminded to since the begging of the week but you were too busy texting on the phone and totally gapped the test that was at the end of the week. Students can also store any information that they need on a test in their cell phones as a draft in a message. This causes the student to feel like they can cheat on any test they can because most teachers don’t think students will actually pull out there phones on a test.

I’m a student I’ve seen kids do it. It’s pathetic and you’re not learning anything by doing that. It doesn’t end there. In most schools more and more incidents across the nation where disrupted schools and have even resulted in decreased attendance due to fears of rumored violence. The issues of text messaging in particular , and cell phones in general, were credited with sometimes creating more anxiety and panic than any actual threats or incidents that may have triggered the rumors.

Its common that in High School rumors are going to be spread. With just a simple text message sent to five people can result in to a rumor within minutes. We have all experienced it sometime in our High School years. It’s High School, People talk and rumors will be spread.

With the help of no cell phones in school could decrease the number of fights and drama that goes on in school. I would love to go to school and actually learn something rather than having to put up with the drama that has been spread throughout the week.Yes being able to use your cell phone in school would be pretty helpful but are we going to school to learn and get a education or get drawn into the stupid thoughts of others. Its proven that kids who use their cell phones in school fall behind in school. Teachers report that often a cell phone will ring in class, disrupting the lesson. What is worse is when the student answers the phone during class.

Some will actually leave the classroom to complete their call. Getting calls during class is not only disruptive, but it also is disrespectful to the teacher and the whole educational process.