Last updated: July 15, 2019
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The Internet is one of the biggest and innovative inventions of the twenty first century. It is considered the largest source of information and as such it is practically limitless. However, along with all the useful and educational knowledge which can be found in the cyberspace, there are also many other sources of information which are considered harmful, corrupting and degenerative, especially to a younger audience.

In different parts of the world, governments react differently to this new invention. While in more democratic countries full access and almost no restrictions are introduced, in other communist and dictatorship countries it is completely banned or fully supervised by the national authorities. It can be said that the Internet is everywhere, children start to use it at a younger and younger age, thus becoming potential victims to the inappropriate information available to them.

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Along with the aforementioned the Internet is used as a way to break the law by using torrent sites and committing piracy and plagiarism; because of that some governmental supervision is required to ensure the protection of the population and copyrights of performers. A large number of statistics show that more and more children start to use the Internet from a really younger age, thus exposing themselves to harmful and degenerative material.

Even with parental control, they cannot be fully protected from all the corrupting data in the cyberspace. Regardless, there are people who counter this argument by stressing on the matter that nowadays, inappropriate content can be noticed on the radio, television and even on billboards on the street. Nevertheless, it must be pointed out that in the Internet the advertisement is usually supported by a link, which leads to a bigger data base of information.

In that regard, the Web proves itself to be dangerous because of the unlimited source of information it provides in all spheres. Another important reason why the governments have to introduce some limitations for the population is to protect the rights of hard-working authors, directors and artists from people who wish to acquire their work without having to pay for it. With the creation of the torrent sites, the numbers of people who use the Internet to illegally download music, movies and other information, keeps increasing dramatically.

The fact that some countries are less economically stable than others does not give them special privileges or excuse their tolerance for such piracy acts. The government should have the power to control such free flow of information so that the rights of performers can be protected. Lastly, it must be stressed that the Internet is a place where people publish papers and researches of famous professors and scientists. There are numerous cases in which individuals have stolen someone’s research and used it, claiming that it is in fact his or hers own creation.

Such cases of plagiarism are often brought before national courts around the world. As a conclusion, the censorship of the Internet is indeed a very controversial topic which is still being debated today. Both sides have logical arguments to prove their point. However, a government which thinks only in the best interest of the people would not use this power for any means of manipulation, but only for protection and keeping stability amongst the population.