Last updated: March 11, 2019
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Should the military prevent single mothers from serving in war zone? I believe that single mothers should not serve in the war zone and the military should prevent single mothers from serving in combat. Two reasons why I believe they shouldn’t is 1. ) Their child can experience a significant amount of stress to their deployment, 2. ) What would happen to their children if they pass on, on combat? First of all, single mothers should not serve in the military war zone because their children need them at home.

A mother’s care is very much needed to a child especially if the child is very young. Children going through deployment can experience distress. They worry about what will happen to them. They worry about who will take care of them, etc. Kids are also affected by the relationship with their military parent. The children can become emotionally distant and have a very hard time developing stable relationships with other people because of their mothers being deployed.

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Second, single mothers should consider how their children would feel if they were to pass away on combat. According to “Traumatic Grief in Military Children” the reactions of some children and teens to the death of a parent or someone close to them may be more intense than the common deep sadness and upset of grief. Military children are also likely to experience posttraumatic stress for example; the death was sudden or learned of horrific details about the death.

I, personally, could never hold any job that will put my life in jeopardy, if I had children at home. My children would come first before my country. If some women are that passionate about joining the military, but are not “gung ho” enough to want to leave their children at home, maybe the military should give an alternative way for women to join without going into combat and deployment. It only seems fair.