Wages They Do? Essay, Research PaperMy claim is that it is unethical for professional jocks to have the tremendous sum of compensation that they doBy Unethical I mean that it is an unfairness to the citizens of our difficult working state that are out to do a dollar and make it by keeping a good respected occupation.By compensation I mean the pathetic sums of money that an athlete makes for playing a peculiar athletics.My value standards or criterions I will utilize are as follows:1.

A adult male who does non graduate college may non be every bit qualified to do the wages that exist.2. Pathetic wages is puting an illustration for our young person that merely because you can hit a baseball or hit a hoops or hit a hockey Puck or throw a football that you can do 1000000s of dollars without genuinely gaining it.3.

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An jock who graduates college deserves money based on his collegiate experience.I will reason the point of graduation foremost and so travel into the fact that merely because you have a God given endowment that doesn & # 8217 ; t intend you should do 1000000s more than others, and eventually I will reason that the college alumnus that does do it in the professional athleticss universe deserves money based on experience from College.Now so turning to my first point of being a college alumnus.Kobe Bryant one of the NBA & # 8217 ; s most fecund scorers and highest paid participant ne’er of all time went to College. In fact Bryant, from near my hometown in Delaware County bypassed college and made the spring to the NBA. Should he be able to have the sum of money that he does, and the mean college pupil that graduates and has a grade is non able to obtain a occupation that pays that sort of base wage. I think non, in fact I feel that the lone sort of people that have any concern of doing the sort of money jocks do are physicians, attorneies, stockbrokers and possibly anyone who really does go to graduate school. Now those sort of professions have the right of doing that type of income due to the fact that they non merely have they graduated college but they attended graduate school and have perfected their concern and received a grade.

Kevin Garnett has the richest contract in all of NBA history, 6 old ages 126 million dollars and he ne’er of all time stepped a pes on one of our great campuses in the United States of America. Please state me why should Garnett do this money if he ne’er of all time had to gain it. If he ne’er of all time had to travel to school and larn about society and the universe we live in.THIS JUST IN: Kevin Garnett is taking categories right now in the province of Minnesota. Possibly he & # 8217 ; ll alumnus before his six twelvemonth contract is up.Following I address the issue of puting a bad illustration for America & # 8217 ; s youthI do non believe it is just to the kids of tomorrow to give them false hopes by stating them that merely because you have talent to play a athletics you & # 8217 ; ll be doing 1000000s of dollars. Lashkar-e-taibas face it most kids in society will hold the aspirations and the dreams of being an jock but the fact of the affair is that merely wont happen.So our jocks that say purchase my places and you can be like me or imbibe my merchandise and you & # 8217 ; ll have my staying power and endurance are non lying to our kids, but are giving them a incorrect perceptual experience of the universe we live in.

Athletes should most decidedly educate our kids that you must acquire a good instruction and do something of yourself. If the chance to be an athlete comes along good so possibly they could move on it.It is non right to state that merely because you can physically execute an athletic effort that you should be paid 1000000s of dollars for it. An illustration of this sort of thought goes to the RF for the Cleveland Indians. Last hebdomad, Manny Ramirez stated that he wanted to abandon negotiations with the Indians and prosecute his free agent market.

Ramirez subsequently was quoted as stating he would subscribe with the Indians if they gave him a 10 twelvemonth trade worth 200 million dollars. 200 Million Dollars? ? ? You have got to be pull the leg ofing me, that is more money you or I is of all time traveling to see in our lives, yet Mr. Ramirez throws that figure out like it is nil. These jocks should larn the value of a dollar and recognize while they are doing 1000000s for playing sports many are hungering and fighting to do a calling for themselves in the United States. Other instances in baseball where this thought of inquiring for insane sums of money occurs with Sammy Sosa, Ken Griffey Jr.

every bit good as Kevin Brown.Harmonizing to ESPN Kevin Brown received 105 million dollars over 5 which means he makes 21 million dollars a twelvemonth for throwing a baseball over place home base. Not to advert the fact that he merely pitches one time every five yearss. Certain he might be a great hurler and a fantastic citizen of Los Angeles, but I am sorry, he doesn & # 8217 ; t merit 21 million dollars a twelvemonth for pitching.Besides harmonizing to ESPN or good friend Griffey came over to the Reds for a wage cut. You must be stating what a great citizen a wage cut, that & # 8217 ; s right folks Griffey was delivered for merely 97 million dollars. Yeah thats right 97 million dollars and that is considered a deal.

WHY do the proprietors continue to pay these pathetic wages? ?Harmonizing to WGN Sammy Sosa, oh Sammy Sammy. Now Sammy he has a instance. Sammy hit 65 place tallies merely two old ages ago.

Well excuse me that means he should acquire that 150 million dollars that he is looking for, RIGHT? Wrong, merely because you can check a ball 365 pess out of a ballpark doesnt mean you should do 150 million dollars. Mr. Sosa you are a great participant and I respect all you do but come on now you dont necessitate that money and therefore you should non be paid that sort of money.And eventually I will reason my criterions with the statement that if so a college alumnus does play a professional athletics, his experience in college is the standards that means he makes a nice sum of moneyThis is besides known as the Rick Brunson illustration. Rick is a fellow alumnus of Temple University and a current Boston Celtic. Currently he is doing the conference lower limit which is 120,000 dollars. However Rick did play for the New York Knicks absorbing 120,000 in 1998-99 and 1999-2000. Now Rick is a alumnus of college.

Yet he is merely doing 120,000 as compared to our good friend Kevin Garnett who we established earlier is doing 126 million dollars over the following six old ages. Now why should Brunson sit on the bench and roll up 100,000 a twelvemonth? ? The participants are the merchandise of the industry and therefore if an proprietor offers more money to an jock like Kevin Garnett instead than a Rick Brunson, that is immoral. By immoral I mean against the conventional concern criterions that college experience should outweigh athletic ability in this type of concern. A individual who graduated college would logically be more qualified and rewarded to have a place such as Garnett & # 8217 ; s. Currently the Professional Athletic universe we live in believes otherwise.

Now some people would state it is all right to pay these jocks this sum of money and I would dispute that by stating, certain it is All right if you want America & # 8217 ; s young person to be money mooching selfish human existences. Other people would state It merely so happens the field these work forces and adult female are in is a field that pays 1000000s and 1000000s of dollars to be their employers. What if there was no money in athleticss, what if the top wage in say the NBA was 200,000 dollars. Would at that place be the same sum of competition and would the athletics be as gratifying for these jocks to play.Not to advert that by traveling to featuring events we are excusing the payment of these jocks. Now I am a HUGE athleticss fan as most of you might cognize.

I besides am in the athleticss broadcast medium concern and I have my ain company covering Philadelphia featuring events. That means that I go to games on a imperativeness certificate and do non line the pockets of the proprietors and therefore the participants with my difficult earned money. In fact If I was non in the athleticss broadcast medium concern, the opportunity I would go to these games and pay these farcical monetary values that would finally take to these absurd wages is extremely improbable.In shutting, today I have shown how the sum of money jocks make is unethical to our society. I have given proper illustrations of standards that is backed up by cogent evidence.

I have stated my claim and my instance for the topic and hold given grounds why I believe jocks wages are pathetic. Children of ours should non turn up and believe that all they have to make is imbibe milk to be like Mike or have on Kobe & # 8217 ; s places to achieve his success, instead they must gain it alternatively.