Should School Uniforms Be MandatoryThink about all the teenagers that struggle with picking out their outfit every morning. They pick out their clothes or have it planned out in their minds. They wake up all excited just to wear this new outfit. But when they put it on it’s just not what they expected. In fact, it is terrible. By this time, they are almost late for school.

If their school would have implemented school uniforms you would not have to worry about this problem anymore.  Many schools have already implemented school uniforms. In 2013, approximately forty-nine percent of schools have school uniforms or a formal dress code. Others have plans to implement school uniforms (National Survey of School Leaders, n.

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d.). School uniforms are also beneficial in many other ways. They also prevent violence, dress related distractions, and clothing competition.

School uniforms prevent school violence in many ways. Many credible people have even said that school uniforms should be implemented. Even the forty-second president of the United States would agree with this statement.  In 1996, President Bill Clinton told Congress during his State of the Union speech: “If it means that teenagers will stop killing each other over designer jackets, then our public schools should be able to require their students to wear school uniforms” (Background of the Issue, n.d.). Violence is a major problem in schools that needs to be stopped.

At school, three million youthful individuals are victims of crime each years. Violence takes up two million of those three million incidents (Costly, n.d.). Many have started implementing school uniforms after an incident with violence. Baltimore began using the uniform arrangement after they experienced a devastating shooting over a pair of ninety-five dollar sunglasses in 1986. The student was wounded in this dispute (Background of the Issue, n.d.

). Dress related distractions are also averted with school uniforms. Many students have trouble paying attention to school work when they are worried about their clothing or their appearances. With students being less distracted by their clothing, learning conditions have improved according to numerous school authorities and guardians (Chen, 2017).

Students are empowered to do better in school when they are not stressed about their clothing (Chen, 2017). With students paying more attention to their studies grades improved and graduation rates enhanced. According to Long Beach Unified School District after five years of having uniforms, student participation hit a record high (Bisk, n.d). Students who are enlisted in schools with school uniforms do not have to worry about clothing competition.

They do not have to stress about getting made fun of for not having the latest fashion. In some cases, after students observe a student wearing much fancier clothing than them, have been persuaded to act criminally to obtain the outfit (9 Determining Pro and Cons, 2015). Students go all the way from stealing to injuring even killing others just to obtain the latest and most expensive clothing. These students are also bullied just based on their clothes and not their personalities. Several students can’t afford the most recent fashions and may get labeled or abused by others based exclusively on their appearance (Bisk, n.

d.). In some cases, this bullying can lead to depression.