Last updated: March 27, 2019
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As human beings , we have our preferences. These preferences make what we do , how we behave and reflected make on our habit. God created all mankind and gave choice to make and unlike the animals. Thus man has the ability to decide what he want and how he would live. These choices and preferences add up to make who we are , our taste and what we consider pleasurable . According to CDC, America today, 1 out of every 5death has being attributed to cigarettes smoking . Again tobacco smoking is not imposed on one and it’s not inheritance or genetics it individual choice or what they choose.

In recent time we have heard leaders from different state in this country openly talk about cigarettes smoking and the effects on the person and country at large. Currently it have being little bit fair as several state have enacted law that prohibit smoking in public. This, as I personally think is a brave step towards long journey of the battle of banning smoking in our society. Although there have being offensive side in such law, what they fail to realize cigarettes smoking is beyond individual with cigarettes stick in corner of his/her mouth.

Cigarettes smoking is an act that have tortured our society, depriving it of its citizen who could immeasurably contributed toward the development . Thus on this bases cigarette smoking should be banned as heroin consumption. According to comment made on CNN news by Toney Newman, 400,000 people die every from smoking which is more than cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and all illegal drugs combined. Its have being not logical making cigarettes smoking illegal and yet we have watched on news and newspaper the fights of illegal drugs for example Mexico drugs cartel, forgetting the most dangerous is on every citizen possession.

Smoking have being on some public places like school , bars hospital among others but yet our young ones are getting introduced to smoking every day. There in doubt smoking causes a lot of illness that ranges from minor to major sickness such us lung cancer and cardiac arrest . But despite that, smoker worldwide continue growing making tobacco manufacture rich. Illness will not stop smoker from inhaling these deadliest substance and yet every puffing making situation worse. For example the substance inhaled harden the arteries speeding up the blood clotting. Which is the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes or paralysis.

Cigarettes smoke contain more than 4000 chemicals many of which have being identified as cancer causing. Lung cancer is the deadliest smoking illness of all and will most likely affects smoker and non smoker . 90 % of lung cancer arise due to tobacco use and the risk is related to the following; the number of smokes per day, Age the person started smoking and number of years smoked. Also passive smoking increase the risk of lung cancer to non smoker. For example if you have a spouse who smoke the family might be entitled to many risk of illness from asthma to lungs cancer.