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Coming home to a warm bed, with food, water, and resources is taken for granted by most people in America. What if all of that was suddenly snatched from you forcing you and possibly your family out to the streets with everything you own on your back. This might not even graze your mind that this could be possibility, but this is reality fir over 100 million people worldwide. With the downturn of the economy, and many natural disasters occurring this number is continuing to grow putting many more people out on the streets.

This is an unsafe environment for people to live in not only adults are effected by this but many kids are growing up without homes and proper care. There needs to be changes in our system to help aid these less fortunate people, providing affordable housing, or giving them financial aid wouldn’t solve this problem completely, but it would be a start to helping millions of people get the help they deserve. The first reason that we should help homeless people is because The United States is wealthy enough to afford it. In our country we believe in unity, and that we’re only as strong as our weakest citizen.

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The United States is one of the top economic powers in the world. Our government should be able to provide aid for these homeless citizens. We are currently wasting millions of dollars in flawed program’s that don’t benefit our country. These wasted dollars could be spent more productively, perhaps giving financial aid to people who have nothing. There are millions of our own people in critical poverty conditions, or out on the streets who are in need of this help. The Unites States is currently the third most affluent nation with per capita per capita gross domestic product GDP of $45,511.

We also have one of the largest rich-poor gaps of any high-income nation today. This means that the rich just keep getting rich and the poor poorer, leading to an increase in poverty and a struggle to gain wealth for people who need it. Our nation is currently trying to tax the more wealthy citizens in our country to fix this problem, but many people find ways to malinger out of paying money for their larger houses. This only increases the gap more, and makes it more difficult for homeless people to obtain a stable home, and stay out of poverty. Our ountry is stable enough, and wealthy enough to help these millions of struggling citizens. “United We Stand”, should really come to play for these people in need. Another reason we should try and make an effort to help the homeless is millions of people are struggling nation wide. Whether you know it our not it could be the people you care about; your friends and family, who are in crucial need of help. The recent downturn of the economy has affected us all as a country; it has led to 260,000 people nationally whose jobs have been cut, and homes who have been evicted.

Not only have wages stagnated over the last two decades, but also job stability and job security have deteriorated. One measure of job stability, involuntary job loss, has increased in recent years. The economy has lost nearly six million jobs since the recession began in December 2007. Household Survey reports that the unemployment rate increased from 8. 9% to 9. 5% in June 2009, which according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics added over three-quarters of a million workers to the unemployed list. Additionally, people are falling victims to long term unemployment at greater rates.

The number of people out of work for 27 weeks or more is approximately 4. 4 million (3 in 10 unemployed workers). The workforce dropped from 155. 1 million in May to 154. 9 million in June. These losses in jobs have contributed heavily to the increasment of homeless people. These people need help getting back on their feet and providing education and job placement programs in your community to help those who are homeless to become productive members of society. Some people who are homeless can benefit from adult education programs to help them earn a high school diploma or GED.

There are many more homeless people who need job training and help with job placement so that they are able to get out of homelessness. Veterans consist of a large percentage of at risk of homelessness about 1. 5 million are in poverty due to lack of support networks, and dismal living conditions in overcrowded or substandard housing. Currently 107,000 veterans do not have a home, and are scouring the streets. These are the people that served our country to make it the free and safe country it is today, and we repay them nothing. Many of the people suffer from lingering ffects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance abuse, which are compounded by a lack of family and social support networks. A top priority for homeless veterans is secure, safe, clean housing that offers a supportive environment free of drugs and alcohol.

Also many shelters are only for women and children, or families, and the majority of homeless veterans are single “most homeless people are single, unaffiliated men… most housing money in existing federal homelessness programs, in contrast, is devoted to helping homeless families or homeless women with dependant children. (Preventing Homelessness In America) Veterans need a coordinated effort that provides secure housing, nutritional meals, basic physical health care, substance abuse care and aftercare, mental health counseling, personal development and empowerment. Additionally, veterans need job assessment, training and placement assistance. Skyrocketing rents, an increase in the cost of living, stagnant social security payments and slashed pensions has led to a dramatic increase of senior citizens that are becoming likely to wind up on the streets.

It is extremely dangerous for elderly people to be without a home. They are more prone to multiple medical problems and chronic illnesses that may go untreated for years. Also the elderly may lack “street smarts”, which makes them easy targets for assault or robbery by the younger residents staying at the shelter, particularly if the elderly person is under the influence of alcohol drugs or other medications. If something isn’t done to help these people, the number of homeless people will increase. The generation of baby boomers is aging, and the Social Security system is faulty.

If plans aren’t established to help these people out thousands of elderly people will be without a home. The increasing number of people losing their homes, and jobs is not productive for our society. Getting people off the streets and employing them would benefit our nation because firstly, this population does not pay taxes. There are millions of people who are on our streets, if these people had jobs and paid taxes our country would be millions of dollars richer and our economy would be more stable. They are burdening our country, and if we could help them to get them back on their feet it would be a benefit in the ong run. Our homeless population is also consuming resources that they don’t help repay in any form. They consume millions of dollars in government funding for medical care, and staying in shelters. Also the number of people on our streets increases the risks of criminal activity. A study was conducted to gather information through self-report and from archival data on a sample of 125 homeless shelter users concerning both their criminal history and their current illegal activity. Interview data were gathered on prior arrests, incarceration history, illegal drug use, and current illegal sources of support.

The results revealed a wide range of past and current criminal behavior: as many as 62. 4% of the subjects had been arrested for illegal behavior, or admitted to earning current illegal income, and 44. 3% of male respondents had a history of incarceration in jail or prison. Criminal behavior appeared to serve various functions among the homeless, and the homeless who engaged in illegal behavior can be classified as chronic criminals, supplemental criminals, and criminals out of necessity, substance abusers, or the mentally ill.

While the homeless as a whole engage in relatively high levels of illegal activity, for many this is an adaptive response to dealing with severely limited resources. Refutation Section Many homeless people chose this lifestyle because they don’t want to be in the Governments system and don’t want to conform to what you should be in our society. The people who don’t choose this lifestyle obviously need our help as a nation, but they shouldn’t be able to rely completely on our government to house and feed them.

In many ways this was their fault that they ended up this way, people who have solid jobs and homes have to work really hard to obtain them. Our country is currently in one of the worse recessions since the Great Depression, we are in economic turmoil and do not have the funds to help finance our homeless population. Everyone has felt some financial lose, and do not have the extra funds to help people that don’t do anything to try and make an income for themselves. The U. S. debt grew to $10. 5 trillion, with a deficit like that how is the government expected to fund the homeless.

This economic downturn is also decreasing the funding for non profit organizations, this means that’s many homeless shelters are being shut down, causing this to be an even more detrimental time for homeless people to get stable jobs and provide their own income. Rebuttal: Yes, are economy is struggling as a whole. However, the United States is still the third richest country in the world. The citizens of America may not have the funds to help these people but the government is stable enough to aid this unfortunate people. In addition a huge percentage of homeless people suffer from substance abuse problems.

About 50 to 60 percent of homeless people report substance abuse. (Lendmen)People who are under the influence make irrational decisions, increasing the risk of them committing serious crimes. Also if homeless people receive money from people to try to get them back on their feet, many spend in on drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse in homeless is often untreated since they do not have access to health care, thus causing the symptoms to worsen. Homeless people with substance abuse problems are more likely diagnosed with mental disorders, making it tremendously difficult for them to get out of homelessness.

People with substance abuse problems will become homeless more frequently and stay homeless longer than other homeless people. They are also twice as likely to be arrested. Having people under the influence is not safe for people on the streets, these people should either be sent to jail of a rehabilitation center. Rebuttal: These people do need help with rehabilitation, but many people believe all people who are homeless are substance abusers. This is not true, and homeless people as a whole should not be looked at as drug addicts.

Lastly yes you should help the people you care about, the elderly, and veterans, get back on their feet and into a stable home. But, it’s not the people of America’s problem that so many people are wandering around without a home. The extent of homelessness in our country is to a point where it’s out of the common man’s hands. The government should figure out some plan to solve this problem. The government has enough money to send financial aid to countries across the word who are in poverty, but wont even fix are own problems in our own country.

Rebuttal: The United States should do its best as a country to help every one of its citizens. But you can make a difference too. Volunteering just an hour of your time at a shelter would immensely help your homeless community. Taking care of the homeless is financially draining. In a recent study that tracked four randomly picked homeless persons, they discovered before placing them in permanent supportive housing that the individuals racked up a large sum of public assistance Two of the four had gone through detox six times costing taxpayers $23,382.

Two of the four had been hospitalized (removal of kidney stone and bladder infection) at a cost of $20,250. All four had used the hospital emergency room for health and alcohol issues (19 visits), costing an additional $7,885. All four had been arrested at least once ($2,756) and spent time in jail ($8,545). One of the four had also served 90 days in prison ($12,060) (Culhane). This is a heavy price for taxpayers; any little bit that you can help will make a difference.