Nowadays business through internet has become widely use such as online shopping which have been advertise through blog, facebook and website. It enables the business to communicate with their customers and sharing information about the products they’re selling.

In a way, their customer may develop their own opinion, neither good nor bad, depending on the observations made while they’re communicating.For example, how good the services provided and the quality of the products, the way the worker treat their customer and answer any queries, how they handle impatient customer, inform the customer earlier about the rules set up by the business on how the process is carried out, i. e.

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how they manage the orders, payment, delivery, possibility of delay and meeting point so that the customer is more understand about the situations.Hence, the business could see through the eye of it’s customer. Disagree “Don’t judge a book by its cover. ” As what the quotes suggest, don’t determine the worth of something based on its appearance. The situation is the same with internet communication. A wide range of people is communicating through internet for various purposes.

For example, sharing presentation files through emails.Even though the presentation slides have excellent points with interesting layouts and animations, it does not guarantee that the person who’s going to present it will give an excellent presentation as well. Other contributions need to be observe and consider, such as one-to-one confrontation, how he/she gives explanation on that particular topics, providing reasonable examples, giving opinions based on their point of view, answering questions and how much information they get through research.