“Sicko” is a docudrama produced by Michael Moore that focuses on wellness attention in America. The documental provides an in deepness apprehension and analysis of the ageless wellness attention jobs in America. Most of these jobs result from the corruptness nowadays in the American wellness insurance industry. The message that Michael Moore is seeking to acquire across to his audience is that of the immortality within the American wellness attention system. Michael Moore is able to acquire his message across to the populace by integrating the three rhetoric techniques of Son. poignancy. and ethos. He uses logos by comparing America’s wellness insurance to those of other states. poignancy by arousing both feelings of unhappiness and laughter. and ethos by personally sing different states and seeing for himself the profuseness of evident differences.

In Part one of the docudrama. Michael Moore chiefly focuses on set uping the corruptness and misrepresentation nowadays in America’s wellness attention industry. He built upon this corruptness by carry oning multiple interviews with old and current employees of the industry. This established a strong sense of ethos as all the people being interviewed were people who have personally experienced work in the wellness attention industry. One peculiarly important interview was with a adult female who presently worked in the wellness attention industry. Her occupation required her to assist people who were using for wellness insurance. Although this may look like a simple occupation. the interviewee talked about holding to assist appliers of wellness insurance. whom she knew would finally be rejected. Even though the wellness insurance companies are supposed to seek to assist people. the procedure of even trying to acquire wellness attention is a challenge in itself. The interviewee stated that the list of certain unwellnesss that prevents one from acquiring wellness insurance is long plenty to “wrap around [ her ] full house” . The credibleness Michael Moore efforts to set up is farther emphasized as he conducts interviews with existent victims of the American wellness attention system.

These narratives along with credibleness besides use the rhetoric device of poignancy. As these interviewees are all victims of this system. their narratives are all really tragic and largely ensue in atrocious effects. One narrative followed the narrative of an American adult female who was notified of a tumour in her encephalon. As she applied for a surgery to take this tumour. a missive came back from her wellness insurance company saying that the surgery will non be conducted as “the fortunes [ were ] non life threatening” . This adult female. who could non afford the dearly-won surgery on her ain. had to do the determination non to hold the surgery. It turned out that the tumour in the encephalon continued to turn. and she finally passed off. The pathos nowadays in this narrative and all the others are important for the audience to clearly understand Michael Moore’s point.

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In order to see the wellness insurance companies in the manner Michael Moore sees them. the audience must see the legion victims’ personal narratives of calamity. Along with ethos and poignancy. these specific interviews besides employ the device of Son. American wellness attention. which American politicians renown to be one of the best in the universe. is supposed to assist the victims of wellness jobs. However. by questioning people with wellness attention that are still treated with disregard. Michael Moore shows the logic behind his hatred for the American wellness attention industry. If even people with wellness attention suffer. it is clear that the system is non working at all. Part one of the documental terminals with these legion narratives and finally integrates into Part two of the docudrama. where Michael Moore introducers a much lighter atmosphere.

The 2nd part of the documental follows Michael Moore’s journeys in three different states: Canada. France and Great Britain. These states and their wellness attention systems all serve as representatives of theoretical accounts that are successful in carry throughing the best involvements of their patients. All of the experiences that Michael Moore have in these three states utilizes the device of Son. The point that he is seeking to do is that logically. if these three states are able to do this system work. so America should be able to do their wellness attention system work every bit good. When he was in Great Britain. Michael Moore interviewed a physician who was working at a infirmary. As the wellness attention system in Britain is to the full paid for by the revenue enhancements of citizens. it is accurate to state that the physicians are all employees of the authorities. In America. employees of the authorities are illustrations of people that do non gain a batch of money. However. when Michael Moore interviewed this physician and asked him about his life style. the physician responded by stating that he really lived in a nice place. in a nice vicinity. and drove a nice auto.

Michael Moore so proceeded to see how citizens. who have to pay higher revenue enhancements because of the to the full funded wellness attention. were populating their lives. This interview took topographic point in France when Michael Moore interviewed a household and asked what their large disbursals consisted of other than the disbursals related to their house. The female parent of the household responded slightly hesitatingly “…fish? … veggies? ” This duologue establishes pathos as it makes usage of satirical wit. For Americans. it is about incredible that “fish” and “vegetables” tantrum under the class for large disbursals. Other than its usage of poignancy. this interview was besides of import in farther set uping Son. This short and sarcastic exchange about fish and veggies refutes America’s claim that free wellness attention would be damaging to the citizens of the United States. This mean household in France. despite their increased revenue enhancements. unrecorded comfortably because they have free entree to wellness attention. and don’t have to populate with the concern of paying any medical measures. This section of the docudrama chiefly focused on the buildup of poignancy and Son.

Pathos was prevailing as it was humourous to see how states like Canada. France. and England contrasted so aggressively from America. Michael Moore was able to use this poignancy in a more effectual mode by overstating his reactions when he realized that both health care and medical specialty in these states were wholly free. Logos is the most important device in this subdivision of the docudrama as the message that Michael Moore is seeking to exemplify with these comparings is fundamentally that “If they can make it. you [ America ] can make it too” . Ethos is besides incorporated throughout this whole subdivision as Michael Moore personally goes to these states to interview and larn about the different health care systems. The concluding section of the docudrama eases back into the American wellness industry and its jobs. In Part three of Michael Moore’s docudrama. the overall purpose in the narrative is merely to pitch back to America’s faulty wellness attention system.

In this subdivision. Michael Moore introduces several 9/11 rescue workers who struggled to obtain significant wellness attention. The fact that even the nation’s heroes are fighting to run into their wellness demands highlights the profound job underlying America’s wellness attention system. After carry oning interviews with legion deliverance workers. Michael Moore showcases pictures depicting the pristine wellness attention system present in Guatemala Bay. Cuba. Guatemala Bay is a prison for America’s deadliest wrongdoers ; yet. the prison provides cosmopolitan wellness attention. After recognizing this. Michael Moore rounded up all the 9/11 deliverance workers and decided to take a trip to the Guatemala Bay prison. When they were denied entry into the prison. Michael Moore shouted out. “We [ the deliverance workers ] merely want the get the same wellness attention as Al Qaeda! ” With the prison’s cosmopolitan wellness attention. it is accurate to state that Al Qaeda. who is one of America’s worst enemies. receives better health care than these heroes of the 9/11 incident. With this stunt. Michael Moore utilizes the devices of poignancy and Son.

Pathos is used to stress the satirical nature behind the averment that captives receive better health care than 9/11 rescue workers. Logos is used to province that in an ideal universe. heroes should have universal attention. However. as Michael Moore shows in his docudrama. this is surely non the instance. As they fail to come in the prison. Michael Moore refuses to travel back without doing any alteration. and decides to take his group of deliverance workers to a Cuban infirmary. When these workers enter the infirmary and meet with physicians. they are able to repair jobs and issues that they would non hold been able to afford in America. At the terminal of their interventions. they leave the infirmary without paying a individual dollar. Cuba. which is frequently regarded as an enemy state of America. provides better wellness attention services to the heroes of America than the American wellness attention system.

This whole scenario in Cuba makes uninterrupted usage of Son. Michael Moore asserts that even though Cuba is a underdeveloped state has a much lower GDP than America. they still strive to accomplish cosmopolitan wellness attention for all of their citizens. This trip showed how a state that was less affluent than America still managed better health care than one of the richest and most developed states in the universe. In the terminal of the docudrama. Moore addresses his audience and foreground how people should be “taking attention of each other. no affair the differences. ” The last scene of the docudrama shows Moore walking to the White House sardonically stating that he will acquire the authorities to make his wash until all the ill people in America get the wellness attention they need.

Through his usage of poignancy. Son. and ethos. Michael Moore was able to direct a clear message about wellness attention to the U. S. authorities and its citizens. In comparing and contrasting the wellness attention systems of different states. oppugning America’s ethical motives. and carry oning legion interviews. Michael Moore made it easy for the audience to understand his point of position and more significantly. the victims’ points of positions. In decision. Michael Moore was really effectual in using the three rhetorical devices of poignancy. Son. and ethos to beef up his statement as a whole.