Siddhartha Essay, Research PaperBOOK REVIEW of the CLASSICSSENIOR ENGLISHI. The Book:A. Herman Hesse, Siddhartha, New DirectionsII.

Significant Fictional characters:A. Siddhartha, a immature Brahmin adult male finds himself addicted to material wealth. Finally, he becomes disgusted with what he has become and leaves to seek felicity in his life.B. Govinda, Siddhartha? s friend, becomes a monastic with the Samanas.C. Vasudeva, the ferryman, a adult male that Siddhartha meets in his travels.III.

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General Plot:Siddhartha was born in an upper category household surrounded by retainers and all of the things that he might necessitate. It was non plenty,he was still non happy and set out from place and household to happen true felicity. Siddhartha, and his friend Govinda, joined a mobilegroup of searchers called the Samanas. They were roamers, going from town to town imploring for nutrient and shelter and continuallyseeking for the truth. Siddhartha thought he would happen felicity by fring himself of his secular ownerships and ideas, tobecome empty, so that true felicity might happen him and stop his hunt. Along the manner, the Samanas encountered many people whoradius of the & # 8220 ; Illustrious One & # 8221 ; , One adult male who taught about the Buddha and preached the redemption of the Buddha. This adult male wasGotoma.

When Siddhartha and Govinda encountered this & # 8220 ; hone one & # 8221 ; , Govinda was taken in by his instructions but Siddhartha was non.Siddhartha left Govinda behind and put out entirely.While he was walking, he was believing and in his ideas he realized that giving up the beautiful universe around him would nonlead him to happiness but instead he should bask and appreciate life & # 8217 ; s pleasances. When his trek brought him to a river, he met aferryman, who took him across.

Siddhartha & # 8217 ; s travels took him through a small town and at the terminal of the small town he met a adult female, Kamela.Kamela introduced Siddhartha to a man of affairs who took him under his wing. Over the following few old ages, Siddhartha became hauntedwith power, passion and ownerships. He began playing the game of life called Samsara. A new waking up.

Since goingaKamiswami ( man of affairs ) , he knew he could non travel on this manner so he left everything buttocks and took off walking once more.He walked until he got to the river, there at the rivers edge, he began to believe about self-destruction. Then from someplace deep interior,he hears the chant & # 8220 ; Om.

& # 8221 ; This brought a peaceableness over him that allowed him to fall into a deep slumber there by the river. When hewoke up from this slumber, his friend Govinda was at that place. The two old friends caught up on each other & # 8217 ; s lives. Govinda was still a monasticfollowing the & # 8220 ; Illustrious One & # 8221 ; , Gotoma.

Siddhartha told Govinda about his rise to power and wealth. The two friends parted,Govinda traveling away to follow his monastics while Siddhartha stayed by the river, looking for the ferryman. Siddhartha found the ferrymanand they became friends and he asked if he could be taught how to ferry people across the great river. One twenty-four hours, a train was comingthrough with a adult female and kid. The adult female stopped to alleviate herself, and was so bitten by a serpent. It was Kamela, and her boy,which besides belonged to Siddhartha. She subsequently died from the serpent bite and the ferryman walked off into the wood at the terminal of his life.

Siddhartha became the ferryman.Some clip subsequently, Govinda traveled across the river. Again, he did non acknowledge his friend Siddhartha. Govinda stayed the darkwith Siddhartha and the two old friends recounted their past experiences.

Siddhartha taught Govinda that merely knowledge can becommunicated, non wisdom. & # 8220 ; One can happen it, live it, be fortified by it, do admirations through it, but one can non pass on and learnit. & # 8221 ; ( Page 115 ) As the two friends parted, and Govinda began his hunt for wisdom, he thought that his friend Siddhartha was genuinely aunusual adult male. But, Govinda felt as if he was in the presence of a holy adult male, person who made him experience loved and reminded him ofeverything that he had loved in life and of everything that had been of value and holy to him in his life.Therefore, Siddhartha had found his felicity. Through cognition he had gained wisdom and through wisdom he had found felicity.

IV. Impressions:Have at it kids!