Last updated: June 18, 2019
Topic: ArtMusic
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I remember when I went to this last year held by Antidote International, and I had a wonderful time. This year, I anticipated even more because I’ve already experienced it.

Although it was like a social gathering with great music provided, I was excited to hear about the issues of Darfur. It is really nice to hear that Cerritos High School is involved in the sister school project. Through this program, I hope that it can make a great difference as to where the United States could really help to build schools and supplies for the refugee camps in Darfur.In 2003, many people had to flee from their homes because of the issue in Darfur. However, as education is very crucial in our lives, children in Darfur are in desperate need of education because education is literally a savior that would help the children there overcome the trauma that they are experiencing right now and hope for the brighter future. More than 300,000 Darfuris have been killed in the conflict.

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Most people have been moved to camps and there are more than 271,000 Darfuri refugees living in eastern Chad.I think the Sister School Project really helps to change those refugee children, and even through their camps, they should be able to get educated. The Sister School Project was overall very successful and exciting! The music that they provided for us was amazing and they were very talented. I hope that Antidote International keeps up with their tremendously amazing work, and I hope that I get to attend another one of the Sister School Projects next year. As Always, it was a great experience and a great social gathering as well.

It was a great excuse for me to go out on a Friday night and a great opportunity to get extra credit.