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Skeptics And True Believers Essay, Research Paper

In the first chapter, Raymo, opens with talk of his childhood. He brings to the

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surface the fact that kids will believe merely about anything they are told. In this chapter

Raymo explains how people grow frm kids into adult sdluts, peolpe somehow retain

some of a kid & # 8217 ; s ability to believe in the incredible. It is the True Believer that retains & # 8220 ;

an absolute in some signifiers of through empirical observation unobjective make-belive & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; ( 13 ) , wheras the

Skeptic ever & # 8220 ; keeps a wary oculus even on steadfastly established facts. & # 8221 ; ( 14 ) For an illustration,

Raymo uses the Shroud of Turin, which simplly a linen fabric that has the similitude of a adult male

on it ( some belive this adult male to be Christ ) . He tells of a clip when the Roman Catholic

governments allowed scientists to radiocarbon day of the month the Shroud. Small samples of the Shroud

where sent with three samples controls of known age, to three independant labs. All three

decently dated the controls and dated the Shroud to medieval clip. Raymo conclueded

that a Skeptic would hold taken the grounds and belived it, while the True Beliver would

happen no truth in what was found. In fact, he said that the True Beliver would come up with

explainations as to why the Shroud seems younger than it truly is.

In the following chapter, Raymo explains the chief difference between Skeptics and

True Believers is the antonym of what most people would believe. He explains how

& # 8220 ; scientific constructs can be inordinately eccentric & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; ( 27 ) , wheras the True Believer

believe what may look much more reasonable and slightly down to Earth. The illustration

Raymo uses for this is DNA and its ability to reproduce itself. This bantam double-helix

somehow manages to slop and do a transcript of its ego from chemical constituents from

whatever is environing it. It may look easier for one to believe in a Shroud with a adult male & # 8217 ; s

face in it, or the image of God in the Sistine C

hapel, but it is the Skeptics who believe in

the difficult to concieve DNA. It is this Deoxyribonucleic acid that contains the designs of what we are to

expression, talk, and act like.

In chapter four, Raymo once more brings up his childhood. He tells how he was forced

into faith. The Church would non let uncertainties to be spoken. For if it where to be

questioned the whole spiritual system may fall apart. The lone beginnings of information

were the nuns, priest, and all other governments that were & # 8216 ; chosen & # 8217 ; by God. From reading

the book, I believe that it was these governments that caused Raymo to oppugn faith,

and in the terminal go a Skeptic.

Following Raymo discusses the art of fire walking. He tells of the gurus that have a

group of 10-12 people pay about 50 dollars each to travel to a seminar to larn how to

tackle their energy and walk on fire. The guru tells the people that they are about to

interrupt the Torahs of phyics. Now Raymo points out that it is merely thanks to the phyiscs that

these people do non fire their pess off. He explains how wood ash does non carry on heat

really good at all. He explains how the gurus disregard this explaination, stating that is was

typical of a Skeptic to non believe in human powers of head over affair. Besides to explicate

the scientific incredulity he uses another rule called Ockham & # 8217 ; s razor, stating that & # 8220 ; if

the thermic belongingss of wood ash explain fire walking, so there & # 8217 ; s no demand to raise

auras and spirits. & # 8221 ; ( 74 ) Raymo Tells of how this made him subsequently wish to compose about fire

walking, but in order to compose about it, he felt it nessecary to walk on fire so that he could

write from experience. He did walk on fire, without the assitance of a guru ( in fact he did

it in his back pace ) , and was left with no Burnss or blisters. But he did non utilize the head

over affair theory that is used by the gurus ; alternatively he used the head over head theory of

sceptics and scientists.