Last updated: July 12, 2019
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Sleep is the important
factor that are becoming the issue of our country. There is the research that
every human have to get maximum 8 hours of the sleep. Now a day our majority of
people does not get proper sleep and that is why the issue of health is occurs.
In life there is the some incidents that fade your sleep for some night and
even when you want to remember that even you feel horrible and scared. There is
also the incident with when I was unable to sleep properly for some nights.

This event was happen to
me when I was 14 years old. My friend was made the plan that we all are going
to watch the movie in cinema at night. As I was not sure if my family gave me permission
for this event but surprisingly I got the permission to go with my friend and
have fun. The plan was that all the friend were meet up in one place and we all
go from there to our main spot. This plan wok really well and we reached the
cinema safety and having for much fun.

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Then all the friend get
the tickets from the counter and went in the cinema. This was my first experience
watching movie in theater. My friend didn’t knew that I have the phobia of horror
movie but when my friend insist me and force me then I became helpless and with
them. The movies was really amazing and horrible as well but we had so must fun
and we all really enjoy that moment. After the movie we decide to eat some food
and then the plan was to safety went home.

When we were returning
home we all had really good mood my all friend talking about movie and making jokes
and enjoying every moment of life but we didn’t knew that there is the horrible
incident waiting for us. Suddenly our car was hit by the biker and the biker
went far away. At that moment we all were in the shock because at night there
was no body to help us. So we all decide to look that men if he is still alive
or not but inside we all knew that there is very minimal hope of life of that
biker. When arrived at that spot we saw there is no one so we decide to find
his bike but there is not the single hint of that men. We all were shock and
watching each other faces we quickly decide to get back in the car and went
home as quickly we can. We all are in a lot of stress and pressure we all promise
each other to not tell anything about this event to anyone. That night I
remember I was unable to sleep properly as my friend also.

There are many incident
that was happen to you some made great memories and some me bad. Some incident
was stored in our brain like any device and we cannot could do anything.